burdastyle.com: still hitting it out of the (sewing pattern) park

many, many moons ago, i wrote about burdastyle. for those who weren’t around the first time to hear me babble about it, i’ll reinterate:

burdastyle is a genius online sewing/fashion/DIY community that’s centered around publishing open-source, easily downloadable sewing patterns.

in the past, burdastyle offered up all their patterns for free. recently, however, burdastyle has changed their business plan, and they have begun to charge for some of the patterns they offer, typically asking for a small fee for purchase (usually a few dollars, certainly less than some of the other pattern companies out there charge for their patterns, new). it should be mentioned, though, that plenty of freebee pretty pattern goodness is still to be had over there! win-win…burda can make money to keep producing patterns everyone can download, and those who like ’em free can have some too. yay!

i took a spin around the site again this past week, and spotted these super styles:






(images via burdastyle)
(style names, from top to bottom: bella, jorinde, ute variation A, jennifer (the blouse i was fawning over long ago in the post i made about the burdastyle threadbanger episode!), kasia & ute variation B)

and look! a myriad of trendy vintage-influenced details abound!:

high-waists, pussy-bows, twee peter-pan style collars, and fun, bold yokes!

you can so totally make these your own by thinking stylishly. like, that little blazer? would be too perfect if brazenly made a size too small, methinks! or the high-waisted pant? you could totally make those legs skinnier, or straighter, or some other shape that suits you!…the sky is truly the limit if your imagination is big enough…

again, burdastyle is, in many ways, instant gratification city: the styles and cuts of the clothing patterns they offer are up to the minute trend-wise, they are almost begging for alteration, personal interpretation, and the application of inspired embellishment, and best of all, you can print those patterns out on your home printer right away!


  1. Veronica Darling


    I love it, and have been a member for a while, but cause my printer is always weird, I’ve actually never printed anything off! I like checking out the fash though, and if I’ve got my own pattern at home in the same style (like the floral skirt above) I make it up with similar fabric so it’s a massively great ideas place too!

    They rock! You rock too for posting ’bout it!

  2. madam0wl

    Thanks for the reminder about this site… bookmarked and RSS’d! I really want to start sewing again, but I fear getting ready for the move is going to take precedence 😦 I suppose part of that will entail cleaning out my sewing area though…

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  4. May

    I love it too! There are so many different styles and the patterns range from pretty much beginner to advanced! I like to think I’m a brilliant seamstress, but I’m not. 😛 It’s nice to be able to still make cute gear until I get there.

  5. Alison

    Wow, thanks for sharing!! Those clothes are so cute…I would totally wear any of them!!! Time to dust off the sewing machine, methinks!!

  6. Nichola

    Thanks for the great post about BurdaStyle! My personal favourite pattern in the Kasia skirt pictured above. I have one in denim and i wear it to death! I have the fabric for the jacket above but have yet to cut into it.

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