2.8.2009 detail

because it’s been a long, LONG time.

it’s been nearly SIX months since i had my daughter…i can hardly believe it. i have lost all the baby weight i gained, as of about a month or two ago. i attribute this to breastfeeding and walking like a maniac all over town with said baby. losing all the weight (YAY! goodbye 40 pounds!) means i can fit into almost all my old clothes again, like my most favorite jeans, etc. in a way, it was nice to take a vacation from many of my clothes…i appreciated them all the more when i got to wear them again!

today we took a short walk around the ‘hood and then got lunch and groceries. typical weekend day for our little fam. i’m about to go through the doors behind me and do a little sewing whist the awesome husband watches the little bebe.

anyway, today’s deets:

-black ruffled vintage blouse: thrifted
-black tank (underneath blouse): AA
-high-waisted vintage 80s denim skirt: a recent ebay find, hemmed to fit short ole moi (aside: why were so many skirts & dresses in the 80s that awkward mid-calf length?? gack.)
-acid wash denim belt: thrifted, came with an acid-wash denim overall dress i also own
-black and white polka dot tights: oilily
-black equestrian boots: frye
-blue and white acid-wash-esque enamel earrings: thrifted


  1. Erica

    i was just wondering today when you would jump back into the mix! i can’t say i’m back into all of my pre-preg clothing yet, but it’s ok…i have no problem with passing them on to the next gal.

    i could plotz over those boots, by the way.

  2. ariana

    you look fantastic! i lost my baby weight with walking and breastfeeding my son in a sling. i appreciated my body for what it could do and i found a new appreciation for my clothing as well. glad to see you posting pics of your super-style.
    keep it sassy sweetie.
    ariana aka the gal at gimme shoes…:)

  3. e.

    I love the idea of pregnancy being a “vacation” from clothes that you love and making you more appreciative once you’re back in them. I’m four months pregnant now and I will have to keep this good attitude in mind as my wardrobe rapidly shrinks. You look wonderful in this!

  4. jani

    Hi Tricia,
    You look so great, like you never were preggers. Beautiful as ever.
    how do you like being a mom? It’s pretty all-consuming,isn’t it? I actually didn’t love the beginning when they were tiny-tiny.
    But, once they start smiling and laughing, its all wonderful.
    xxoo jani