dame vivienne westwood’s DIY tips


simply bloody BRILLIANT.

i’m with the foxy man, the best bit o’ wisdom given by ms. viv is: “there is status in wearing your old favourites over and over until they grow old (patina) or fall apart”. 🙂

(i.e., to me: in these times, down with the trendmill, up with being you and getting the most out of what you already have and love. HEAR HEAR!!)

(via the foxy man, via farpitz)


  1. oni

    i just did a diy with some old fabric scraps and my moms old skirt. it reminds me of you because of all the fabric yo-yos i used! but i totally agree wear things until they get old and then make them something else!

  2. rachel c.

    this is great! thanks for sharing!

    also, i’m not sure if you remember me, but i used to follow your livejournal blog years ago. it’s nice to have discovered another means of seeing your creative self shine & inspire!

    xo – rachel