etsy love: POUTfits




POUTfits is the star of this installment of etsy love. she hails from asheville, north carolina, and makes all manner of cool items with recycled jersey. the results are undeniably fun: slouchy patchy-pieced tops, armwarmers, skirts, and shrugs abound in the POUTfits shop.

i love the idea of armwarmers, though i don’t own any (yet!)! seems to me that they could or would be the perfect little odd colorful and texturally rich addition to an outfit, one that might not seem necessary, but that could have the potential for much usefulness. on that note, see that little pocket on the small armwarmer shown above? perfect for popping a couple bucks into whilst out on the town (in lieu of a purse, perhaps?)…smart thinking, there, POUTfits!


  1. Nadia Lewis

    I love the orange gloves!

    I wear knit gauntlets all the time. These are the perfect answer to all the great hand dyed sock yarns on the market.

    So many of my dance costumes in the late 80s/early 90s had these — perfect accessory without restricting movement. Of course, those ones had the required finger loop. Priceless.