the sewing workshop: a sewing and arts school in san francisco

this one is for the bay area folks!



the sewing workshop is a “sewing and arts school” in san francisco’s richmond district that offers private sewing lessons, plus a TON of classes geared toward the fashion-minded do-it-yourself-er, focusing on sewing, embellishing, restyling, and the like. many of the classes seem to be broad in their subject matter (like beginning sewing: learning the basics), specially crafted to teach prospective students the basics of an area of interest, while others are project-based (such as the jean jacket workshop) and still others teach special interest skills (like japanese shibori for today).

a complete list of the sewing workshop‘s class offerings may be found here:

some other classes they have on offer in the coming months which sound like a lot of fun (to me, anyway!) include:

couture sewing school
vintage re-dux
springtime hatstravaganza!
hand sewing 1
painting and embellishing shoes


(thanks to san francisco’s discount fabrics (where i found a flyer advertising the sewing workshop…)! it’s a great bay area chain of fabric stores that sell “wholesale” to the public…)


  1. meligrosa

    Thanks so much for the info Tricia!
    Im seriously considering getting into sewing this year. I have taken a few classes throughout the years at city college, but this is an excellent start to my sew-called procrastination 😉

  2. skona

    it looks great! there is a similar place in toronto called, the workroom ( full disclosure, i teach there. 🙂