etsy love: sohomode




i have been stalking the etsy shop of louise hedley, aka, sohomode, for weeks, if not months now. why? because of those amazing, flattering high waisted skirts of hers, simple pieces which are made oh so deliciously different with her inspired choice of fabrics (fun old floral prints, popping plaids, fringe). those the wide ribbon-decorated belts she pairs with them are actually, factually the perfect touch. and her duffel bags are so so fun fun fun…the patchwork in a mix of leathers and wools is yes yes yummy.

on a related note, i love duffel bags (in general) so much! mark my words, they are poised for a comeback…


  1. risa

    louise hedley! i bought a skirt from her at the chelsea flea market years ago (8? 9?) and always wondered what happened to her. that skirt no longer fits (although i still have it because the fabric is gorgeous and will eventually turn into something else lovely) so now i can get a new one! or at least will be able to if she is continuing to sell her wares past my pregnancy.

  2. AngieMontreal

    I’ve been hoping to make enough money to purchase one of her duffels for awhile now, and after a good month of sales, I think I’ll finally be able to and am SOOOOO excited. I’m with you on the duffels, really feeling them lately 😉