threadbanger: sweater shenanigans!

the past couple weeks the ever-so cool folks over at threadbanger (that would be the dear rob and corrine) have posted some great episodes that focus on rehashing old sweaters: designer kcoline demonstrated how to hack a trio of sweaters into a fabulously slouchy, “sweet” pullover sweater, and lee meredith, one of threadbanger’s regular bloggers, gives viewers the deets on how to felt wool sweaters.

superb ideas for remixing and restyling those tired (yet beloved) wool/animal hair pullovers and cardigans you’ve been sporting all winter long! i’m all about those felted sweaters there, myself…you? love lee’s idea for cutting hers off center…it’s a fun, offbeat look, for certain!

(great work as always, threadbanger-inos!)

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  1. Lee

    wow it was crazy to be scrolling through my google reader blogs and see my name on yours!! thanks for the link and i’m glad you liked the podcast! felted sweaters are an addictive crafting material, for sure!