my colorful life: the “now in NYC” edition

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hi hi. sorry it’s been so long. things (time, mostly) got away from me. i knew moving cross country w/ a 7 month old baby was gonna be harder than heck, but it was so much harder than i had even anticipated. even with help from movers, mom, and friends, i’ve been pretty much completely overwhelmed these past few weeks. i’ve felt like i was underwater. or at least, buried underneath an ocean of boxes.

pete, poppy and i are *just now* settling in to our new place (in manhattan this go ’round, wow!). we’ve been living in our new digs 2 weeks today. the whole relocation thing was made that much more challenging by two major baby milestones: the addition of two more chompers in baby p.’s mouth (the top center ones), and some new found motor skills: crawling, and now, pulling up on everything in sight. she’s on the move. *sigh*

we’re finally getting the last little bits and bobs put away, getting together with friends (& making big dinners), and little p. and i have started to explore our neighborhood. we’ve made all sorts of cool discoveries and have noted many places nearby we’d like to visit again or check out, including: the wafels & dinges truck, angel street thrift shop (a rather expensive “thrift” store, but one that’s actually very well curated), the union square greenmarket (drool, droollll!!)…and the list goes on.

dangerous for me and related to the above: seems i live with short distance of SEVERAL thrift stores. uh-oh, i’m in trouble, people…! 🙂


anyhow, now that i have sorta-kinda found my bearings again…

…i am going to *try* and resume a semi-regular schedule of posting from here on out. that means: whenever i can, just like before. 🙂

(hopefully someone’s out there and still reading! 😛 )


  1. Annika

    I think even a superhero would find it next to impossible to move 3000 miles with a seven-month-old. You are amazing!

  2. jill

    wow! back in nyc! i started reading your blog just as you moved out west. welcome back! i love this time of year in the city! are you in the union sq area? im in gramercy. 🙂

  3. sarah

    are you kidding? of course we’re still here. heck, I’ve been popping by every couple days just to check if you were back. Good to hear from you, how exciting to start seeing images of the new neighbourhood!

  4. Hyena In Petticoats

    So glad to hear that you’ve arrived safe and sound – what a big job!

    I hope you love NY again this time ’round – and Manhattan, too!

    Do we get to see some pics of the new house? I always love looking at your home photos….

    Leah xx

  5. bess

    congrats! of course you are not only near Angel St, but also Housing Works and another one a bit further east. You’re probably not far from yet another clump of “curated” thrifts on E 23rd too– dangerous indeed! Have fun!

  6. Sal

    Sorry to hear it’s been so stressful, lady, but glad you’re getting settled in now. Can’t wait to see what turns up from your local thrift emporia!

  7. Ashe Mischief

    I’m sure you’re happy to be home! It’ll be interesting to see/read about how Manhattan varies from San Fran and Williamsburg.

    It also looks like you’ve still got plenty of us reading 🙂

  8. S.

    Still reading, so keep posting! 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re settling in and such a cute photo of your little one! Good luck as you continue to unpack and settle in!

  9. meligrosa

    yay tricia lives in the cyberphere!!!
    glad your move went well. oh you little darling looks lovely (and rocking the orange, swoooon!!!)
    nyc sounds delish, oh thrift thrifty, watch out! 😉

  10. Jani Hayes

    Of course we’re still here! so glad you’re back! Somethin’about being an East Coast girl! *wink*
    The baby looks wonderful,so big already!
    I have moved too, to Edison, (inching my way up to nyc!) & we left the shore behind. I can get to the city in 35mins, and its cool.
    Take good care, and Welcome Back!

  11. Winona

    Congrats on a successful move! The top of your daughter’s head is adorable and I’m sure things will be fabulous in New York! (those two clauses weren’t necessarily related, but let’s go with it)