wardrobe_remix & flickr

thanks to google blog search, i found out via an article on the dartmouth.com (by author erin jaeger) that flickr co-founder, stewart butterfield, gave quite a bit of lip service to wardrobe_remix in a recent talk he gave about about the aforementioned photo-sharing site:

“The site also allows users to join online communities of people with similar interests, Butterfield said. Some of Flickr’s more popular groups include “wardrobe_remix,” a group comprised mostly of “women in their twenties,” he said, who post photos of outfits and discuss where they purchased each item of clothing, and “Pisa Pushers,” a page on which users post pictures of tourists posing as if they were holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

“People can find a community for more or less anything they are interested in,” he said. “There are 70,000 photos from almost 13,000 people in ‘wardrobe_remix’ alone.”

wardrobe_remix is so huge that even the founder of flickr has noticed, and mentions it in talks. pretty flabbergasting influence for a little group on flickr i started nearly four (!!!) years ago! i am still so humbled by it’s exponential growth, spread, influence, and popularity. and i am delighted by the numbers of the folks (over 13,000 members!) who have joined and i am especially proud with creativity and niceness of those who participate by throwing their photos (70,000+!!) into the pool. wow!

thanks, everyone, for making it what it is today! *bows to you*


  1. Sal

    Thanks to YOU for having such a great idea in the first place, and putting it into action! Congrats, Tricia!

  2. eyeliah

    WR is the most positve group I have ever come across on the web, I have never received a negative comment from eanyone and the group provides endless inspiration. I have gone through every photo posted to the group for the last year! no joke, lol.

  3. kasia wska

    yay! it’s great! and thanks for the group:), that’s where not only i found loooots of inspiration, but made some awesome friends as well (like You:)).

  4. SwanDiamondRose

    cooolness 🙂 this is great. kudos to you! and as usual i just want to post MORE pics more regularly. and even though i’m not a huge poster, i’m always a commenter. w_r is really central to my flickr-ing, and provides some sort of center for my identity these days in general. tis true. so thanks trish, and keep on with your keepin’ on.

    have to add this in reply to mention of negative comments. the only time things got catty in my stream re w_r was when i posted a male friends outfit and another man insulted him, and then they both got in there. it was so funny actually.