vice magazine’s global trend report 09

(images via vice magazine)

vice magazine‘s fashion issue has a global trend report 09 divulges the current zeitgeist around the world courtesy of cutting capsules on cities/countries as far flung as new york, los angeles, melborne, copenhagen, amsterdam, london, mexico city, new zealand (to name but a few).

their synopsis of the styles o’ the moment in the featured locales are as hilarious as they are on the mark, in true vice style. at least in the case of new york! goodness gracious, grunge is back around here (at least for the ladies): it’s all torn jeans, plaid shirts, and pixie/granny boots. i feel like i am in high school again when i look at the young, hip, whippersnappers (or deign to step foot into say, an urban outfitters. whoa!) in said getups! *grin*

anyway, i found the whole article absolutely hilarious (to the point of cackling loudly to myself and annoyingly reading the descriptions aloud to my less than amused husband, who was across the room trying to work at the time. oops!)…you?


i love seeing that there is in fact still local flavor in an era of rampant globalization. i was starting to fear that the opposite was true…to be proven wrong on that account is reassuring.

those of you reading who might be dwelling in some of the cities they hit:

-where do you feel most at home amongst these cities? any more welcoming to your current fashion mindvibe than others? (i’m all about what those crazy kids in copenhagen are wearing. awesome, ha!)

-did vice get it right? how did they get it wrong? anything they missed? or is the whole thing a joke? 😛

-what are some trends, small and large, happening in your neck o’ the woods, as it were? fill us in!


  1. jill

    oh my! i think i’m more mexico city merged with tokyo than i am nyc (where i have lived for 19 years now). for shame…

  2. geek anachronism

    Melbourne – oh so very wrong. So very very wrong. Given that it’s winter and both models AREN’T covering every part of their body, I started out skeptical. It just got worse after that. Gladiators were EVERYWHERE when the temperature was less vicious and the last time I saw more flannel was during the original grunge era. Leggings are everywhere as well, but the aforementioned weather means the following: coats, scarves, boots over jeans and layers. It doesn’t really change, although I’m seeing more colourful coats and jackets than last year, and scarves are colourful too (and worn in a plethora of different ways).

    Hair is dark, kinda emo I guess and big sunnies are also everywhere. Boys are still in skinny jeans, vests are less prominent than they once were.

    I did see one young lass in the giant men’s business shirt/vest/tights worn as pants combo today. She looked miserable – it was about 10 degreees celcius at that point. Melbourne rarely suffers from that ‘wear fashion regardless of the season’ thing, at least not at a city-wide rate.

  3. Frowner

    I loved the pictures and I hated the text, especially the one on men’s fashion in Tokyo–creepy, hateful, racist. I know that Vice’s whole thing is that it’s hip to reference racist tropes and hip to laugh at people who object, but somehow the people laughing are almost always white.

    I do, however, want jodhpurs now. It also clarified for me both that I tend to prefer interesting and old-fashioned men’s clothing (I’m female) and that it’s because I don’t like to have to always display skin in order to be fashionable.

  4. Isleen

    I can’t speak to the other cities, but LA was way off the mark except for the v-neck white t-shirts (guilty as charged, and I’m not even hip). For girls, tans and long blonde extensions are still in vogue here, as are ridiculously short denim minis. Both sexes can be found in skinny jeans, hoodies, Converse and ironic hipster t-shirts worn without irony. I am seeing some grunge touches as well with leggings, floral skirts and loose drop-waist or babydoll dresses, although it is rapidly getting too hot for flannel. Every fashion article I’ve ever seen also ignores the huge surf/skate culture here which contributes flip-flops, board shorts, UGGs, rolled up sweatpants, brand name tees, and Vans.

    Personally, I am delighted at the return of my beloved Docs, even if they’re not popular in my area, and I like the loose flippy skirts. On top, I’ll probably be wearing those white v-necks with a vest. I liked Montreal’s aesthetic which is probably closest to mine but I don’t layer as much (too hot).

  5. Eva

    Toronto was completely over looked in the Vice trend report. Probably because Montreal is the hip place to be these days, and of course that’s where Vice was founded. Also..Toronto isn’t necessarily known for it’s global hipster identity. For which I’m sort of relieved. I was definitely a late bloomer when it came to reading Vice magazine (only having started reading it recently now that I work in a store that carries it). I appreciate Vice and I also loathe Vice. It’s a like(wouldn’t say love)/hate relationship by far. Not to shit all over Vice or anything (I was amused by the trend report as well) but Vice is one of those publications that is annoying in the sense that their whole shtick is shock and awe. It was cool to see that this months fashion spread didn’t turn into a five page ad for American Apparel. Or showing tits and ass…just because women have tits and asses and they can show them off. For the last while it seems like they’ve been running out of steam. None the less, it was pretty humorous. So was that link to that great blog you posted on fb not to long ago.

  6. vasiliisa

    Well… You wouldn’t believe how many “insanely high heels designed by misogynistic gay men” we do NOT have in Helsinki. Granted, I don’t visit any hip clubs or such… But to me, it seems Finnish girls are devoted flats-wearers. And if they mean designer shoes, again, that’s something WAY uncommon here… I haven’t seen much fur either. Fur is for winter anyway. They did get it right about the leggings tho! Leggings, tunic, ballet flats. Or leggings, top, cut-off jeans, and ballet flats. That’s what every other girl is wearing right now.

  7. d

    Report from Montreal: At first I thought the description was way off base, but it’s not. I can think of people I know who fit those descriptions perfectly. One of my friends who just moved away and dumped a bunch of clothes on me (yay!) gave me a coat exactly like the one the girl in the magazine is holding. I don’t think the magazine describes the prevailing trends for the city overall, or even for most of the hipsters in town, but there is definitely a population who fit the looks described. If I had to sum up Montreal style in one word, it would be scarves!

  8. kayte

    i have noticed the “grunge” trend sneaking back into nyc. i wonder if grunginess is a response to the economy and conspicuous consumption. i mean, it’s not like “grunge” hipster clothes actually cost less but they look like they do!
    i kind of despise vice anyway. like one reader said above, vice likes to try to get away with being ironically racist, sexist, and just plain nasty but i’m not so sure it’s all irony. i’m certainly not laughing.

  9. laura

    thanks for posting the link to this funny article (“Insanely high heels designed by misogynistic gay men” – great!). (:
    i like melbourne, amsterdam and copenhagen best.