susannah hunter: (blooming) bags



(images via susannah hunter)

seen here: a small selection (of a larger body of) lovely, lush floral handbags, handmade in london, by designer susannah hunter. as the artist intended, each bag is a work of art, with it’s semi-realistic, hand-cut floral appliques. i love how these bags celebrate and elevate the handmade aesthetic to new levels, and how feminine and colorful they are as well. above all, they feel incredibly british to me, a reflection of that culture’s stereotypical undying love of the growing and gardens.


  1. Mademoiselle Robot

    This shop is right by my house, I walked past it the other day! The bags are incredible in person as well. When I went in, there was a little girl in the shop practicing ballet as well which made the whole thing even nicer.

  2. Jennifer Jenkins

    I have one and absolutely LOVE it. These are the best bags.. forget Gucci, LV, Marc, Prada… this is style uncompromised.