nyc people: good, reasonably priced hair salon in manhattan?

hi hi!

can anyone who may be reading who lives/plays in manhattan recommend a good hair salon/stylist/colorist?

i love my old stylist, but she’s now working at a salon that’s just a little bit above my price range (would LOVE to spend under $200, if not WAY under $200, for a cut and color). that’s just not tenable for me for the long term, as i get my hair done every month-6 weeks (b/c of the color)….

is this even possible? πŸ˜›

i want someone who knows how to do color WELL (especially reds) but doesn’t charge a zillion dollars.

it would also be nice to go where they sometimes get a little experimental or are a little offbeat. i.e. no staid, serious salons or stylists.

some place “cool”, some place “fun”? gah, hopefully you know what i mean.

anyway, please pipe up if you can help this sister out. πŸ™‚

a place in chelsea or parts adjacent (gramercy, flatiron, union square, e. or w. village, etc.) is preferable, but i certainly will travel further if need be, if a place or person is particularly good.





  1. melanie

    i highly recommend dlala in the east village! i was super happy with my last cut there, by sasa, while my sis and roomie go to mariko. the stylists are definitely offbeat, but very friendly and chatty. unfortunately, i’m not sure how good their color is, since i haven’t tried it yet. but the price is right – a cut (i have short hair) usually runs me $50-60.

  2. Cass

    I go to Heather P. at Cutler Soho. Her rate is $90 and she’s amazing, but she only does cuts. She does work with a colorist, Rachel, but I can’t speak for her yet. I have long hair and Heather is good about being creative without cutting too much off. She works well off of photos–I took in that older J. Brand jeans ad (tall model wearing a red striped scarf) and Heather gave me the most amazing bangs. I’ve pretty much been happy with everything she’s done. Also, at Cutler, the cut includes a blowout, which is great.

  3. Elissa

    I have a friend who works at Hiro Haraguchi. It’s on East 57th St. Apparently, there’s a (really good) colorist there who is always looking for people to use as hair models — she charges a nominal amount, in the ballpark of $30. I’m not 100 percent sure if it’s for the public or just for people who know my friend, but it’s worth giving the salon a call just in case (212-593-3030). I’ve also heard good things about Ben David, which is in the UES but in other areas of NYC as well.

  4. cara

    I’ve gone to Jane Webb at Grace Heaven Salon (212-533-3725) , in the E. Village.
    It’s a tiny salon, but she’s great and fun. Jane owns the place and is a colorist (and a painter!) It’s $90.00 for single process- addl for highlights.
    You could also try Commune on Grand Street in Williamsburg, not sure what their prices are these day. It’s a mostly Japanese staff (they are all very hip, but oh so sweet).

  5. Sasha K.

    I’ve been going to Soon Beauty West on W 21st right off of 6th for a few years now. Very cool and laid-back salon. I don’t know about colorists though. According to their website, cuts are $50-$95 and color is $75+.

  6. christine

    I went to the Aveda academy on Spring Street last week while visiting NYC. It takes a bit longer because they’re still learning, but I got a great haircut for an amazing $20.

  7. rachel

    oh and they’ll give you wine, its very, very informal in there. they’ll probably have a cute dog to play with too.

  8. Jessica Schroeder

    Salon De Tops in Chinatown
    76 Elizabeth Street

    $26 hair cut and I get a million compliments. See Joseph.

    BONUS! they wash your hair for 20 minutes before the cut.

  9. Alexa

    Sheesh, sorry, I just looked at their site and they’ve got more $$. But they rock.

  10. Megann

    I second Soon. They also have an East Village location. I have seen Jen there, who was great with my reds.

  11. S.

    Try going to one of the junior/student stylists at major salons such as Vidal Sassoon or Tony & Guy. The students there are actually already stylists but, they are just getting trained on the specific techniques of that brand.

  12. Shaun C

    Hey There. I am the owner of Seagull Salon.
    Some of my ladies (I call men ladies too) have expressed difficulty with paying salon prices as regularly as they used too.
    If you have a generous stylist/colorist they should help you out.
    NYC is spilling over with places where you can buy professional color. Your colorist CAN tell you how to do your roots at home every other time if it’s all over color. I do this frequently, which keeps my clients happy with their color and cuts the visits to the salon in half.

  13. Stef

    I see this was posted a month ago, but if you are still looking, you should check out John Gabriel Salon in the East Village. His prices are very reasonable and he does great work, both cutting and coloring. The website is