threadbanger: how to make spats!!

in one of the recent threadbanger videos, zoh morrigan of morrigan NYC gives a how-to on how to make a pair of spats! oooh!! me like!

i’ve long felt that spats were a fun accessory, a visually interesting way to make one’s shoe wardrobe go even further. they can be made out of any sturdy but flexible fabric, like say, canvas, denim, leather, patent leather, suede, and the like, which means they can be totally customized and made to suit. they are being shown off in the vid as being inspired by/made to compliment steampunk style(s), but in my mind’s eye i can see them adding a little bit of interest to any look, really, from sporty to fairly feminine…


  1. caroline

    Excellent! I love the idea of wearing spats with all different types of shoes (from boots to sandals) to create a little different look. It would kind of make any shoe look a little like an ankle boot. Fun! Thanks for posting.