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today pete, poppy and i took a walk over to the new high line park, on manhattan’s west side. it opened to the public this weekend, and it’s gorgeous. the way it flows, melding studied organic patches with the new construction and man-made, patina-ed old bits is just breathtaking. the whole thing is a work of art…and i feel like it opened at just the right time, when the economy is uncertain but people want to go out and still enjoy things. little things, like catching a nice view on a beautiful day and taking in the city and parts nearby, all whilst on a simple walk…things that are free for the taking in a time when dollars are short(er).

on the way there and back, and to the big apple bbq @ madison square park, i snapped pics of what caught my eye. results are above, natch.

hope you all are having a good weekend, wherever you are, whatever you are doing!

p.s. sorry the w_r o’ the week post didn’t get out this past thursday…things have been a bit nuts around here (heh, what’s new?)…

p.p.s. i am still adding to my @ tumblr as time allows. *grin*


  1. Mallory @ MissMalaprop

    I LOVE that bike! Someone sent me a link to those bike baskets recently, as I’m trying to figure out what kind of basket set-up to use on mine. It looks so good with the lime green and polka dots!

  2. SwanDiamondRose

    even though it’s not a shocker, i really didn’t expect rainbows of men’s underwear on venturing to you site. but now i want watermelon. and feel inclined to yell- gotchees!

  3. Darrah

    What lovely colors! NY is a great place to find such variety. I am going there in August, and can’t wait. 😀