book peeks: crochet adorned by linda permann

book peeks: crochet adorned by linda permann

this book peeks is all about a book called crochet adorned, written by my old friend and craft maven linda permann. linda and i have known one another since we both lived in NYC in the mid-2000s. back then she was the founding craft and decorating editrix at (the now sadly defunct) adorn magazine (*sniff, sniff*, i miss it so!). she’s since left new york for the wilds of montana, but she’s still cheerfully chugging along, churning out a myriad of project ideas and patterns for publications like craftstylish/sewstylish, stitch, crochet today, and knit.1 and many more. linda’s talented in many needle arts (sewing and knitting, etc.), but crochet is (i think!) her forte.

crochet adorned‘s subtitle (almost) says it all: “reinvent your wardrobe with crocheted accents, embellishments and trims”…this is a tome (primarily) about how to add creative crocheted accents to ready-made garments and accessories you already have in your closet (knits and wovens alike). the book boasts 20 fun, color-saturated projects, but flipping through it, i feel like it’s really more of a book that provides instruction and inspiration, something that can motivate you to add your own original flair to garments you have or that you have fashioned yourself. in other words, each project stands alone, but can also serve to spark ideas within you, the reader.

good stuff in this book i think you need to know about:

-linda (of course!) covers the basics, telling you all you need to know about matters of hooks, yarn, stitches, patterns, blocking and the like. this info is especially good for the crochet newbies out there, imo.

-since she really believes in the ease of using stitch diagrams (every pattern in her book has a stitch diagram accompanying it!), she’s included several pages in the book to how one may decode and use said diagrams. very cool.

-since this is (for the most part) a book on embellishing clothing, linda has devoted a whole section of the book to the matter of selecting suitable garments and accessories to decorate, how to approach a project, and how to actually (and successfully!) attach your hand-wrought crocheted trims and motifs to your garments (via certain suggested hand-and-machine-sewing techniques).

-the book has a gorgeous, thorough stitch dictionary, which is illustrated with photographs of stitch patterns, crocheted trims, geometric shapes and motifs, each and every one accompanied by linda’s requisite stitch diagrams.


here’s a sneaky-peek at some of the projects in the book, ones i especially like!

love how this tank with a crocheted yoke totally looks similar to ones out these days in the stores…except, natch, it’s something you can do yourself, *better*, tapping into your own personal style preferences and your latent skills:

book peeks: crochet adorned by linda permann

this trim around the neck of this blue sundress is rather gorgeous. it looks vintage, almost, no?

book peeks: crochet adorned by linda permann

love this idea…these are simple trims on shoes she’s shown here, but hey, they are like, just starting points, right linda? what if you did bolder trims, or big flowers, or attached three dimensional shapes to your kicks, etc., etc, etc??? the sky is the limit!:

book peeks: crochet adorned by linda permann


just to give full disclosure…i have a project in the book, too! it’s just a super simple mod throw pillow with granny square accents on both sides of it’s surface, arranged in a cross motif. but this is but one iteration of a simple idea, you know? why not replace those squares with circles, triangles, or some other shape? or varied the colors? and so on, and so forth…

book peeks: crochet adorned by linda permann

thanks (again!) for the opportunity to contribute, linda! it was so much fun.


crochet adorned hits the bookstore shelves TODAY, august 11, 2009!

check out linda’s website and blog,, for more information about her work and for news about the book, and more.

great job, linda! congrats!! the book is amazing.


would you like to win your own copy of crochet adorned? i have a copy to give away!

to enter, leave a comment on this post telling me why you’d love to have crochet adorned in your personal craft library.

i’ll have little miss p. help me pick a winner this week (by pulling a comment randomly out of a (crocheted, natch!) hat!) and will announce the winner this friday, august 14, 2009.

good luck!


  1. Sarah

    I think I’m the first!! I have been waiting (feet tapping, fingers drumming) for this book to arrive! I love to embellish! I would definitely use that red motif design for a top for my daughter and I know I’ll find many more ideas. Something cute for my granddaughter, and for myself also! On a crocheted purse. And I love the granny square pillow – I love the way it’s stitched on top of a crocheted pillow, rather than part of the crochet itself…or you could stitch them on a fabric pillow as well.

    Great ideas! I’d love to win, but if not, I’m buying!

  2. Liza

    This book would be the perfect addition to my crafting library because I am addicted to crocheting and I could use some new ideas. Besides, who wouldn’t love a book that includes a project by Tricia!?

  3. Franca

    This book looks amazing! I’m in love with the orange tank in particular. I used to be able to crochet when I was little but have forgotten how to and this might just be the thing to get me to learn again!

  4. Allison

    I’d love to win this book because I can crochet a little – but really only single-crochet and double-crochet, and I’ve only made squares! I’d like to try some more interesting projects. And my wardrobe really needs updating.

  5. margarete

    I don’t do crochet. I know the basics, but – in contrast to my knitting – my crochet never was of any use to me… and I would like to change this. This book would help, I suppose.

  6. kat

    I love new ideas for ways to use crochet, particularly in clothing! The examples I’ve seen from this book are gorgeous and so inspirational.

  7. Annika

    I love crochet but I don’t tend to like crocheted garments. Embellishing is so perfect that I can’t believe I never thought of it myself. I especially need a book like this now that I am pregnant again and trying to navigate the wasteland that is maternity fashion.

  8. Amy

    I would enjoy a copy of this book, I am always looking to add to my craft library so I can have lots of ideas at my fingertips!

  9. lori z

    thanks for the book peek.

    i’ve been a (silent) follower of Linda ever since she first posted about that crocheted yoke tee shirt. i would love to make one!

  10. Sarah

    Love a giveaway! You linked awhile back a Threadbanger’s tutorial on crocheting a neckline on a T and I made a couple of them and got “hooked” on embellishing with crochet. I would love a copy of this book!

  11. melanie

    I have this book on hold at the library and they haven’t even recieved them yet! So I guess that means I would love to have this book. Mostly though I wanted to say that using your child to pick a winner is one of the joys of having a child on such occassions. Here is Miss Moira helping me pick a winner back in March: Wow she has a lot of hair now!

  12. Jennifer

    I absolutely love this book! I recently did a project where I cut a lower neckline onto an old shirt, then crocheted a mesh design on top of it. I followed a tutorial from threadbanger and I thought it was such a cool idea. I’d have so much fun with this book.

  13. *emy

    I’m thinking this book will cure some of my Adorn magazine withdrawal symptoms.

    Yay for giveaways!

  14. MelodyJ

    I would love to have this book. I have been waiting for it to come out for what seems like forever now. I have been crocheting for a few months and now I’m ready to learn some new skills. The pictures look better than I thought they would. I must have it.

  15. ingrid

    Holy smokes! this book would be amazing to own – and would be newer (by about 50 years) more shiny, more colorful, more useful, more brilliant, more crafty, more stylish, more helpful, more inspirational than any crochet book I own! There’s only so many amugarumi creatures that can fit in my house after all… and I have like 1000 scarves and hats! time to move on, and this book looks like the key.
    please pretty please?!

  16. sarah l

    Linda is one of my favorite crochet designers, and I am so excited about her first book! I adore her use of color and love the idea of using crochet to restyle things I already own. I have tried (fairly unsuccessfully) to do this a bit on my own. I need Linda’s help! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  17. Rachel

    This looks great! I’ve been having a hard time making anything besides winter gear with crochet, and this book looks like just the inspiration i need!

  18. The Tilted Tulip

    My mother makes the most amazing delicate little crocheted flowers and I’ve always wanted to learn myself. This book looks like the perfect way to jump right in!

  19. Victoria M.

    Funny thing happened. It suddenly occurred to me yesterday that I hadn’t checked out wardrobe remix in a while, which snowballed into checking out your flickr photostream, which lead to me seeing the sneak peeks you gave for Linda’s book. A few clicks later, and I’m staring at your blog, where my heart does a little happy dance.

    To put it quite simply: it’s fate. With economic woes being felt by most, especially starving students like myself, it’s hard for a girl out here to look unique and classy, all at her own hands. I feel that this book is just what the doctor ordered to cure overspending and looking like some other chick walking down the street.

    It’d be great if you and your lovely daughter were to pick my name, so that I can recycle my drab wardrobe, without making my pocketbook cry for mercy, and at the same time, supporting my love of fashion, crocheting, and recycling.

    Yep, definitely fate.

  20. Young Pop Sophisticate

    As a mum-to-be (only 10 weeks to go!), I am embellishing all sorts of plain baby things in order to give my wee one a real punch of colour (that is not pink or blue!). I have attempted crocheting in the past but have always given up…now I would like to give it another go!

  21. Ruth

    I’ve been so excited waiting for Linda’s book to come out! I crochet so much faster than I knit, but it seems like knitting’s been the thing for the last few years. It’s time to make crochet stand up and announce itself!

  22. katie maguire

    well, I have 5 kids to keep clothed. i am constantly handing down outfits among my 4 girls, ad quite frankly I grow weary of seeing the same outfits year after year, just on a different body. I would love this book, it would be perfect for me to spice up school clothes, and just makes things more fun in general 🙂

  23. Liz

    ooh i love that turquoise trim- been waiting for a good book on modern crochet trim for garments. love!

  24. Anna

    I have been waiting for this book to come out for a while. I have been addicted to crochet since I learnt last year. I have been thinking about embellishing items with crochet but haven’t quite had a chance to figure out how to. This book look like it will provide the inspiration and the how to that I have been looking for!

  25. Astrid aka flying scissors

    The book looks adorable and beautiful. I would so love to hold this book in my hands. I have been crocheting granny squares this year for the first time and it is so relaxing and fun. To do some new projects and learn more crocheting would be so cool.
    Greetings from the last day of vaccation in portugal. 🙂

  26. Jessica (not the one above!)

    I love crocheted things, but have yet to manage to learn myself. I’d love to have such a combination of help and inspiration in one volume! Also, I live far far away, and am thus unlikely to find this one in the shops.

  27. mamichan

    Your timing in posting this is perfect! My mom taught me to crochet as a child but I’ve forgotten how in the last 20 years, but recently picked it up again. And lately I’ve been into sewing/embellishing clothes for myself and this book is the perfect inspiration for that. I want, I want!

  28. Stephanie

    I love to crochet. I crochet clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc. I love to upcycle old things with crocheted edges and embellishments. Count me in!

  29. Kacy

    I would LOVE to win this book. I’ve been looking for new ways to use crochet, instead of my usual scarves and baby afghans. I’m also on a tight budget and have been looking for new ways to reinvent my old wardrobe. Crochet Adorned lookes awesome!

  30. adad

    I am self taught in regards to handicrafts. I have basic sewing skills through trial and error. I learned how to crochet from a book and with a great deal of patience through practice. Other people find this more impressive after I tell them I am left handed and crochet as a right handed person would. Since it was a new hobby without precedent it made more sense to start that way to make things easier for myself later on. I love experimenting with new projects and this book would be a great way to expand my existing skill set.

  31. Katherine

    I would love to have this gorgeous book in my personal library because I have been wanting to learn to crochet and these projects are the perfect ones to send me into action! Every sneak peak displayed a new project I would love to try! So pretty!

  32. Lauren

    Memememeeee! I love this kind of clothing, but it’s either really shoddily done or way too expensive for me to shell out on, especially after the one I did finally break down and buy ended up shrinking on me! Gah.

    I’m a seamstresses and would love to add some fun embellishments to my garments.

  33. Jennie C.

    I will PROMPTLY request that my library orders this book in. Can’t wait to see it … or win it!?

  34. Kris

    This book looks so fabulous. I only know how to crochet in a straight dish cloth type of way, but this looks like a great way to learn some really cool designs! And, I would love to refashion some of my wardrobe.

  35. Frances

    Hope I’m not too late. Seems ages since I saw the first preview of this book and I’ve been waiting with excitement to get my hands on a copy ever since. There are several items in my wardrobe also waiting patiently for a revamp with some crochet trims – I can’t wait to get started!

  36. Donna

    I’d love to own this book because I’m in a bit of a money crunch and freshening up the clothes I already have with some embellishment would be the best way to give my wardrobe more life without spending the cash. And thanks for your ever-awesome blog!

  37. Tiffany

    I would love to win this book because the book looks lovely.. and makes me want to learn to crochet! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!!

  38. tricia

    thanks for entering to win everyone! i’m closing the comments now 10:45am est, on 8/14/2009, poppy and i will do the drawing this morning when she wakes up, and i’ll announce the winner later this afternoon. stay tuned, and good luck!