blogs i love

i heart these boots

i want to tell you about the blogs i love!

i want to make this a regular feature, if i can find the time. i have far too many cool blogs clogging up my feed reader. must share them with you!

maybe a couple at a time, whatcha think?


andrea is a design maven based in philly, and her ridiculously colorful, positive, and dynamic blog focuses on anything from food to art to fashion to whatever strikes her fancy to write about at a given moment. bright hues, geometric patterns, bold accessories and clothing abound. she loves african fabric, clothing and accessories (!!!) to say her aesthetic resonates almost exactly with mine is to put things lightly…sometimes i feel like she’s living inside my head and somehow (weirdly!) talking straight to me. haha! i literally get pangs of excitement every time i see she has updated her blog.


where i like to get my academic fashion fix satiated. it’s wordy, intelligent, political, thoughtful, and of-the-moment spot-on…reading it makes me want to get my phd in fashion theory (something i am seriously considering)…


button candy:
like buttons? vintage and new? this blog is definitely for you.
[as an aside: i am a poet, apparently i didn’t know it…]


what are some of YOUR favorite blogs? inform me in the comments!