no w_r’s o’ the week this week…

just wanted to apologize…no w_r’s o’ the week this week…poppy and i have the flu. ack. total snotfest over here, so gross. i feel downright awful, and i can tell my little poppet feels about 1000x worse than i do. is it possible for a baby to be adorably pathetic? well, she is… šŸ™‚ wish i could say the same for myself…hahah!


hope to return to blogging again (and more frequently!) in the coming week(s).


  1. Annika

    Aww, you poor things! Is she still nursing? Sam got over every cold we had twice as fast as I did while he was nursing. (Of course, then I had to keep up with a baby who felt better while I still felt like crud.) Anyway, I hope you both feel better soon!

  2. katie

    Hope you are feeling better. Did you see the Marc Jacobs collection for Spring 2010? Lots of African prints. Have a look-see.