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sorry for the long gap between posts…that flu we caught was a DOOZY. poppy got over hers and then promptly got an ear infection, and mine turned into a nasty bout of sinusitis which had me feeling feverish for 5 out of 7 days last week. so awful. thankfully, we’re both now on the mend.


despite the funk that had me feeling less than fine, i forced myself to come out of my hidey-hole for a couple hours to attend the independent fashion bloggers dress up soiree during fashion week…i was a panelist at the event, speaking a little about w_r and things related. 300 people were in attendance (!!!), and my speaking compatriots included susie bubble, crosby of pr couture, and jessica of what i wore, amongst many others. thanks to all who came up to me and said hi after the panel was over. a big giant public thanks goes out to jennine of the coveted/ifb for inviting me to participate. it was a big honor and i was humbled to have been recognized for my contributions to fashion blogging and for creating w_r and whatnot. so very cool. you can see photos from the event here.


in other big personal news, i’ll be leaving NYC temporarily (until the end of the year or just a little past)…my little fam will be living in chicago for a while, while pete trains at his new job. then it’s back to the NYC area, hopefully permanently. *crosses fingers and toes*

i’ll miss you, NYC!
but i’ve never been to chicago…i’m kinda looking forward to the change and the adventure of exploring the city on what’s basically going to amount to a long vacation. should be interesting!

anyone care to offer suggestions on things i must check out in chicago? restaurants? museums? shops? i’d love to hear your suggestions concerning the craft/fabric/yarn/thrift store scene if you got ’em! thanks so much!!


  1. dearilou

    Hey, Chicago! I’m new to that city myself. You have to get a library card right away. They have passes that you can check out that allow you to get into all the major museums. The Lincoln Park Zoo is free every day. The best thrifting I’ve found so far is on Milwaukee, just off the blue line near the Western stop. There are really cute vintage shops in Wicker Park too, but they tend to be uber pricey. Oz park has a great little playground for little ones and a pretty garden for all ages (I have pictures of it on my blog if you want to check it out.) Do you know in what neighborhood you will be living?

  2. sarahjane

    I love the Chicago Diner on Halstead–great vegan/vegetarian food! I haven’t been, but everyone swears by the Bleeding Heart Bakery as well. I usually visit Ragstock or Community Thrift while I’m there.

  3. melissa

    Excited to hear that you will be moving to Chicago soon! I am headed out there myself in October – well, out in the suburbs – and am looking forward to exploring the city. If you and Poppy want a partner in crime, I would love to hang out with you two.

  4. Bee

    I love Chicago! It’s such a gorgeous, clean city. You should take your little one to the Lincoln Park Zoo while it’s not too cold out — it’s free and a lovely place.

    Wicker Park/Bucktown is a great area — you should check out Myopic Books and Earwax (an awesome vegetarian restaurant). They’re off the Damen stop on the Blue Line.

    My favorite yarn store in Chicago is Loopy Yarns. Huge selection, lots of sales, super-friendly staff — it’s an absolute dream. It’s in Dearborn Station, right off the Harrison stop on the Red Line.

  5. kim

    the thrifting here in chicago is absolutely fabulous! especially if you endeavor just a little bit out of the city. but even within the city, you can find great things.

    not sure what time of year you’ll be here, but there are river and lake cruises that you can take pretty inexpensively, which are a nice way of seeing the city and learning about the architecture.

  6. Chelsea

    I lived in Chicago for 4 fantastic years, and miss it dearly now.

    Check out “boys town” (off the Belmont stop on the red line) for great vintage shopping. And an incredible cupcake shop that the name of escapes me.

    The Village Discount + Salvation Army stores are most excellent for thrifting.

    I second the library card — the chicago public libraries have EXCELLENT movie selections.

    The north beaches are especially beautiful — like in Evanston and up north from there. And they are free in the fall.



  7. niki

    i think you’re going to love chicago! i’ve gone to some amazing thrift stores on the southside but i tend to stick to my favorite, well priced village discount on the northside (at clark & lawrence). a little further north up clark street is andersonville which is a really sweet little neighborhood with my favorite bookstore, women & children first. there are also some nice antique stores and i highly recommend kopi cafe (i was the dishwasher girl there when i was 16!), hamburger mary’s and icosium kafe (awesome algerian crepes). lincoln square is also a fun neighborhood to check out. mertz apothecary is the best smelling shop in town!

    have fun! and good luck with the move!

  8. Pamela

    Check out:
    – Danny’s on Damen and Dickens, cool bar
    – Rodan on Damen. Only go there on week nights
    – Avec for dinner (week-nights only again)
    – Milk and Honey for brunch
    – The Matchbox, good dive bar
    – Intelligentsia Coffee — best I ever had.

    …and make sure to go for bike rides on the lake front. That’s one of the best things about Chicago! Enjoy!

  9. Kristi Trujillo

    Hi Tricia! I work for glass mosaic designer and we’ve just shipped out an awesome mosaic for the Bellmont or Bellmount Train Station in Chicago. It was designed by David Csicsko of Chicago and by Erin Adams (my boss). It’s being installed very soon but you should take the fam and check it out.