guess who’s got a column in BUST?

BUST magazine -- dec/jan 2010
(the cover!)

BUST magazine -- dec/jan 2010
(the column!)

BUST magazine -- dec/jan 2010
(my bio!)

i’ve got an article in BUST magazine this month…well, it’s sort of a column…it’s the LOOKS column! i am so very honored to have been asked to do it; the LOOKS column has been one of my favorite features in BUST since i started reading the mag in the early 2000s…i have torn out and saved tons of the previous featured girls & their interviews over the years!

BUST is, hands down, one of my favorite magazines, i am always delighted when it lands in my mailbox. how incredible is it to get the chance to WRITE the LOOKS column?? pretty awesome. a dream come true actually.

the first interview for the column is with the absolutely gorgeous and unique tamera ferro, of, who has been a long time contributor to wardrobe_remix (since close to the beginning, i think??). i’ve always admired her style…there’s absolutely no one like her in the universe (especially style-wise!) and i felt she deserves the recognition and accolades! doesn’t she look stunning??!! such a creative gal.

thanks tamera! thanks BUST!


  1. Sandra

    I said so on flickr, but I’ll say it again. Way cool. You are very deserving of that assignment! For some reason I’ve never been a BUST reader (actually I think it was the hype that turned me off) but now I’ll definitely have to pick one up!

  2. Lady Smaggle

    Oh wow! Congrats! I LOVE Verhext. She my hair inspiration. There was teeny tiny picture of me in a maxi dress in the last BUST and they sent me a copy and I love it. It has very limited availability over here so I might not be able to read it… 😦 Is this a regular gig? How exciting! xxx

  3. Kristina

    I’ve been reading your blog for years, stumbled upon it via a link to your webstore long ago. Was thrilled to see you in Bust. Congrats! Always nice to see another stylish ex-Floridian makin’ it out in the world.

  4. Mari

    You’ve got great taste. I agree. Tamera is AWESOME! and one of the most beautiful and stylish ladies on the planet.