(navy) blue and orange = love

moar orange shoooos

vintage red-orange wool jacket

current color palette

insanely bright red-orange loafers

buttons on the vintage red-orange wool jacket

current color palette closer

red orange MJ bag

grooving on navy blue, and really, most blues at the moment. i’m pairing it with my oranges, my reigning chromatic favorite of much of the past decade (natch!).

can’t really discern where this this navy blue love is coming from, but i have a few theories (some more serious than others):

-navy feels kind of trad and classic, even really very preppy, but at the same time, subversive. like, people wear it, but it’s not as prevalent as black, and not considered as chic, especially in a urban environment. it’s kind of unexpected and maybe a little off-putting to some. i am always about the underdog, the tweak on that which is expected and the norm and the trend, so this dig at black stuff/championing of navy instead appeals to my sense of fashion rightness (which i feel like is other people’s idea of fashion wrongness). i like being contrary, ha.

-i’ve always had a thing for inky dark denim. i adore denim and so many of it’s incarnations, and i’ve always felt that there’s something really deep and serious and amazing about dark, raw denim. so solid and stiff and dependable. kind of dressed up, dressy, even. very chic. and navy/dark denim is so go-with-everything. a neutral if there ever was one.

-a possible subconscious channeling of my (current) local sports team’s colors. apparently the chicago bears colors are navy and orange?? HAHA!! some guy saw me walking down michigan ave. yesterday and called out “GO BEARS!” (i was wearing the navy blue boots pictured above, navy tights, navy knee socks, a denim skirt, a navy tee, a navy cardigan, a navy velvet blazer and the orange scarf, also pictured above, plus this crazy hat i made a couple weeks back, also navy.) ok, i am less certain that this is a reason why i am into the pairing ATM, but it’s a funny coincidence.


what colors are you into mixing at the moment? what’s your color obsession/obsessions? anything really unexpected and new?


  1. niki

    haha the university of illinois colors are blue and orange too! thanks for enlightening me with some nicer ways to show support for my school without resorting to sweatpants!

  2. tricia

    niki: please DON’T resort to sweatpants, no matter what! not in public, anyway. maybe you can enlighten me…why is a college sweatshirt the “look” around here?? ack.

  3. Michelle

    I actually just wrote a little bit about this for my outfit post for tomorrow. My sense of style is playing a joke on me at the moment, because I’ve spent the last two years trying to wear more color, and now I’ve got a nice colorful wardrobe, and I just want to wear black and gray. and that’s it. wtf, mate.

  4. sarah

    I’ve been doing a lot of navy or royal blue with magenta and fuschia lately. I can’t explain it, either – though I agree, dark indigo denim is lovely; it’s been my favorite wash since high school. Purple, however, *is* one of my school colours and I’ll confess that, while I don’t follow the sports team, I LOVE my alma mater (proof positive: I came back to get another degree there) and I kind of like sporting a bit of school spirit. But not with sweatpants, don’t worry! 😉

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  6. karima

    carmine, and it goes with more than I would have guessed. my summer was all about this pinky-red and cadmium green; i loved looking at the two together when my clothes were hanging out to dry!