(quick) fashion question: what are you sick of, and…what’s next?

(image via daddy likey, whose author, winona, is, for better or worse, is a certifiable expert on the no-pants/showing your chocha trend)

this set of questions is actually, factually quick-ish (no time for verbosity at the momento!)…but i’d love to hear YOU elaborate/muse on these topics:

a.) what is currently “in”/”trendy”/”now” that has seen it’s run and then some? anything you’re completely sick of seeing at this juncture? what really bothers you? what’s got to go?

and b.) what do you feel or hope is next, style or trend-wise? any insights? any small-time trends percolating that you’ve seen on your streets or on the web that feel like they are about to blow up soon-ish?

related to b.) but going the extra mile is…
c.) what do you think we’ll be donning in this coming decade? more vintage redux? vintage revivals of vintage revivals? platform stilletto ugg boots? going pantsless AND shirtless at the same time? or going the other direction and dressing like a complete nun??? where’s it going from here?? any forecasts, you fashion futurists???


  1. Susan

    I’m getting rather tired of the short jacket over the long tshirt/sweater and skinny pants. I’m guilty of it myself but it’s everywhere. More of a trend because it’s been around a few years now I suppose. Once you see something on 10 year old girls, you know its time has come.

    I have zero ability to sense trends but I’m seeing a lot of mens’ oxfords on girls here in Toronto. Reminds me of what I was wearing as a teen in the 80s: big button-down shirts, skinny jeans (that we sewed – badly – skinny ourselves), Bass penny loafers and lace up oxfords. I want a pair of the oxfords sooo bad. My mom recently bought herself a smashing black patent laced pair with the nice long, rounded toe. I think they are Prada. Must check. My mom has killer taste.

    Jewellery trends: I see everything and anything. Everything goes. Small, delicate, huge, chunky, piled on, stud earrings. Jewellery is one thing I think no matter what you buy over the years, you should keep it all as long as it’s in good shape. No matter how old-fashioned you think it is, hang onto it. That is one thing that can be reborn at any time.

  2. marie

    I guess I’m a little bit sick of trend itself. It’s kinda complicated to make everybody follow some specific “fashion rules” to them feel great. I hope people work in their own styles. Individuality. I guess that’s the key and also the answer that fashion is waiting for. 🙂

  3. Sally

    a) Short shorts. I know it’s winter, but I STILL see them at the gym. I envy women who love their butt cheeks enough to let ’em hang out … but I still find this style to be downright yucky.

    b) How about something I’d like to MAKE happen? I would be the happiest girl on earth if 50s style full-skirted dresses with fitted bodices came back into style.

    c)I see a lot of shapeless, post-apocalyptic fashion on the horizon. And, weirdly, I like it.

  4. Audi

    I HATE the stingy brim fedoras that all the hipsters are wearing. But then again I hate pretty much everything the hipsters are wearing — ugly ballet flats, too-short/too-tight pants, wretchedly mismatched prints, oversized plaid, fur trapper hats, the list goes on.

    And although I think the look is alright, I’m tired of the open-toed bootie trend because open toed shoes are often very painful on me, and they seem to be all I’m able to find right now. That, I think, gets to the heart of why we end up hating trends so much — because while something is really hot, few other styles are even available.

  5. Marie

    I’m sick of so many belts! Sometimes they’re flattering and I really like them, other times all they do is cut your torso in half and the overall look would have been better without it. Clean, sleek lines are nice too – not all outfits need a belt.

  6. Dawn

    Here in Boston, high school/college age women are still wearing leggings as pants, and pairing them with Uggs (or knee high leather boots, which is even weirder to me for some reason) and North Face fleece jackets. It’s almost become a uniform. Painful. For everybody’s sake, I hope this trend doesn’t continue into the new decade.

    Trend I’d like to see happening: many more stores in Boston stocking local/sustainable clothing lines so that I don’t have to buy all of my clothes online! Also, I really like the idea of menswear inspired clothing with a twist – oxfords, oversized sweaters/shirts with more tailored pants, etc. And color, tons of color!

    Thanks Tricia! I’m such a fan of your blog, and especially your style.

  7. Alexis

    I’m getting sick of all the plaid shirts. There are a bunch of lumberjack looking people everywhere around school, most being art students. And these sort of shirts seem very popular right now, especially at popular stores (Target/Gap/Old Navy). I’m also sick of those beanie hats/tam hats/rasta hats…they have many names. I just think they’re tired I suppose…especially on art students. And yeah, I used to wear one. And yeah, I’m an art student. *Smiles*

  8. Pony

    Another art student response 🙂

    I am mostly tired of oversized lumberjack shirts. And, sadly, nerd glasses. I loved them when they first arrived on the scene at Luella, but their abuse has made me completely tired of them.

    I think capes are coming back. Capes have always been my preferred outerwear! I also think Native American-style patterning has been blowing up slowly for a while. I think it’s amazing aesthetically, but as a trend it’s culturally problematic.

    As for the next decade, who knows? I want clothing to become more dramatic and less cookie-cutter, in the wake of the current awareness of the implications of mass-produced clothing. But I might be dreaming. Still, I will optimistically envision a future full of people wearing pastiches of 1920’s beaded dresses and 70’s lace nightgowns, customised shoes and lots of family heirlooms.

  9. Christine

    A.) I am completely sick of the oversize hipster glasses (I think these are the same as the “nerd glasses” that Pony refers to above). I think that some people look cute in them and those early-adopters totally pulled them off, with great personal style…but now I think too many people wear them as a short cut for hipster chic, to fit in with a certain image without ever really making it their own.
    B.) For the past few years, I’ve been going back and forth from bigger cities like NYC to my hometown in rural Connecticut and I have seen in Connecticut a general trend towards trendiness, if that makes any sense. People used to dress very comfy, very sporty and very preppy and I’ve definitely seen the general style around here become increasingly sophisticated and feminine I really hope this trend continues — I love that it has become more accepted to embrace your inner fashionista! Fashion is a great way of expressing yourself, and nothing to be afraid of. A fashion illustration teacher I had recently remarked something like fashion is really fashionable right now. The popularity of shows like Project Runway and Next Top Model is an indication of this.
    C.) In the coming decade I definitely think that there will be lots more vintage redux. While living in NY I was pretty into the whole vintage scene (especially through my love of swing dancing) and went to many a vintage dance event with people decked out in amazing costumes and accessories…and then these looks would show up in the mainstream (feathered fascinators anyone?!) This is definitely something I hope continues. I bet we will also see, in the late 2010s a revival of “turn of the century” fashion from around 2000 since we are already seeing stuff from the 1980s and 1990s coming back now.

  10. laura

    there are quite some things i’m sick of. first, it’s that black/shiny/glittery/studs/sequins-thing. pantless isn’t something i like, too. at the same time, i can’t see all those too-girly clothes anymore as well – too many ruffles and women looking like 12-year-old girls… haha, complaining is easy, but thinking about NEW things, things we’re not sick of yet is quite difficult. i think i want a simple, clean style with retro-inspired silhouettes and handmade details. i guess customizing is going to be a big thing in the future (mass-customization, maybe?). to my mind, we have to stop that higher-faster-bigger attitude as soon as possible. i would love to see more reused materials and clothes with a modern touch – or things that are more long-lasting.

  11. Carol

    A. I’m getting tired of leggings and oversized sunglasses. Scratch that, I’ve been really tired of for a while.

    B. I don’t know… I’ve been wondering for a while if high-waist jeans will come back with a vengeance now that hip huggers are a bit less popular?

    I agree with Sally, “50s style full-skirted dresses with fitted bodices came back into style” would be awesome.

    Also, I think it would be nice if the art was put back into (young) people’s fashion. At my school, being stylish or into fashion means that you keep up with every little trend (hence all the orange-skinned girls with oversized glasses and leggings). Piecing together your own outfits based on your own ideas of style does not mean you’re interested in fashion… instead, it’s perceived as being uncool and out-of-touch. And isn’t that the point, the art, of fashion? Thinking up your own clothes or combinations, rather than wearing the exact same thing that everyone else wears?

  12. Rihanne

    More wool, cotton, and naturally-occurring textured materials. Less animal materials like leather and fur (even though they, too, are naturally-occurring). More tailored and well-fitting clothing. Less chains and punk stuff.

  13. sarah

    Tricia – GREAT questions. I know I’ll be coming back to this post over and over to read everyone’s opinions.

    a.) I’ve been waiting for skinny jeans to go back out since they came back “in.” Personally? I think the “jegging” is the death knell. Cutesy neologisms like that tend to spell doom. I’ve never been a fan of the big granny glasses either, but I don’t care; those hipsters look cute, I say let them have their fun.

    b.) looking forward to? Sorry art students – growing up in the NW, I loved grunge as a teen, and I’m happy to have those plaid shirts back. In fact, I hope they stay awhile, and here’s why: first, grunge is the most democratic fashion statement I know. Go to any Goodwill. Bam! You’re in style. Secondly, for our climate, grunge is comfortable and practical. Other things I’m looking forward to – there seems to be a lot of ballet-inspiration in the air lately. I grew up dancing, and I’ve always loved floaty layers and bateau necks. I say, bring on the blush pink! I really loved all the indigo and chambray last summer. I hope that sticks around a little while longer; people were doing very cool things with old denim, such an American textile. Love it.

    3.) couldn’t say, but I like seeing what others think!

  14. fountaingirl

    Oh so sick of those strange hammer-pants drop trou harem things. They are just atrocious, I don’t care who you are or what the label is. I also just abhor the too-tight too-tiny suit look, where the men’s pant legs and jacket arms are above the wrist bone and ankle bone by two inches apiece. It looks like you washed a wool suit and dried it in the dryer, or stole from your little brother.

  15. Laura

    I’m totally agreeing with fountaingirl…harem pants are an atrocity. Unfortunately I have to disagree with all of the skinny-jean haters on here, I’m very petite and they are the most flattering jeans on me, I think. I don’t mind leggings, just bought some stirrup pants (gasp!) but I do not wear them as pants, which is a trend I DO NOT like. I wear them almost like I’d wear nylons or pantyhose– under skirts or dresses or tunics. I think Uggs MUST go. They have had a long enough run, when there whould have been no run at all. I don’t mind the nerd glasses, but I am growing tired of mine…I’ve had them two years and now they are “trendy,” which is what I try to stay away from. My next pair may be cat-eye types. Not a fan of leg warmers either.

    What do I hope is next? I too would like to see more sustainable fabrics, less logos or “funny” phrases, a move AWAY from leather and fur (even the faux type, it still glamourizes the REAL stuff :S) Perhaps a move back to a more conservative look, more dresses, cardigans, sweatervests…not necessarily a preppy look, just a more edgy conservatism. Less skin, less tanning, more textures, more REAL.

  16. Kristina

    Here in the Pac Northwest, I think of leggings and/or tights as a basic part of my every wardrobe, unless I am wearing pants (though sometimes I will layer leggings under those too!).

    Though I am all for irony in every outfit, I find myself moving more towards tongue in cheek sophisticate and less kitsch, wearing a lot more neutrals and equestrian/ military-inspired pieces. Thrifting often informs my fashion, however, and a good find changes everything. Case in point… moving from sleek, flat italian boots to chunkier motorcycle boots.

    That said, I don’t mind any trend too much as long as it is worn thoughtfully, with care.

  17. ambika

    I’m so sick of platforms. When they were on the runways, I thought it would never be something that would translate to every day. As someone who walks everywhere, I’m bummed to go shoe shopping and not be able to find anything that isn’t a platform.

  18. danielle

    i’m in agreement about the dork/nerd/ironic hipster glasses.

    i also don’t find those atrocious 80s cowboy sort of buckles that are showing up on ankle boots and bags. they just spell out trashy trailer to me.

    i really love that tailored pieces, especially pants, are making a comeback. i like a higher rise (higher than squat and show half your ass crack) and i think it’s more flattering for most.

    i was in urban outfitters the other day, trying on pants, and i couldn’t believe the sad state of denim these days. no one wants to break things in. jeans, nowadays, are paper thin and have no option to gather a desirable patina. by the time you wear them in, you’ve actually just worn them out.

    i’d hope that society begins to relish, again, in high quality goods, even if it comes at a slight cost. it may be that i’m getting older and perhaps, wiser, but i’d like to make more dedicated purchases; ones in which i want to wear it for years, not weeks. same goes for shoes. i’m sick of those stupid insignificant little rubber soles.