colette patterns: new retro loveliness



(images via colette patterns)

have you seen the new patterns from colette patterns, the brainchild of the incredibly talented sarai of sweet sassafrass? as of this past few weeks, she’s added the stunning oolong dress, lady grey coat, and sensha blouse you see above (and several more patterns!!) to her already gorgeous, vintage-influenced, figure-flattering pattern offerings. i love how each of her patterns come packed inside a little booklet that’s lovingly designed and jammed full of incredibly thorough and well-written instructions. the patterns themselves sit nicely in a little built in fold in the back of said booklet…totally smart packaging design, sarai!

i’ve made the beignet, a high-wasted button up the front skirt (in a navy blue pique) and i love it! so i can say that as far as i am concerned, colette patterns come highly recommended!

have you made any of the colette patterns? which ones? how did it go? are you a fan too? 🙂

a related aside: wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were more indie pattern companies out there, offering things to suit different whims and tastes, that maybe the big pattern companies can’t reach or address (because they are perhaps pursuing more average tastes?)…what a wonderful idea, no? do you know of any other great, small, stylish pattern companies? do share!


  1. sarah

    ha! I also made the beignet. I did mine in a very heavy-weight (everyone mistakes it for wool) silk suiting in navy with a sort of feathery indistinct herringbone pattern (in white), and lined it with japanese shirting twill. I absolutely love it, even if I had to wrestle with my heavy-weight fabric a bit while making it.

    In fact, I’m just trying to decide which patterns to get for my winter holiday break from school; I think I want to make up that sencha blouse, but I might end up making skirts instead, because it’s really cold here and I just purchased some beautiful lambswool suiting (in fuschia flannel and tangerine herrinbone – whee!) and have a thick plaid alpaca-wool blend that I’ve been waiting to use.

    I really couldn’t agree more re: indie patterns – not only do they fit a niche market, but I found Sarai’s beignet so thoughtfully graded and perfectly sized that it was really a joy to sew and create such a beautiful piece for my wardrobe. Any other indie pattern-makers out there that you would recommend, Tricia?

  2. sarai

    Thanks for featuring the patterns Tricia! It’s interesting, I actually wish there were more small indie pattern companies out there. It would encourage sewists who don’t quite fit the “average” model to seek patterns outside of the big four companies. Growing the pie, so to speak. Also, indie patterns usually come from independent fabric stores, so you can support two small businesses at once!

  3. laura

    looks interesting! (:
    i also wish there were more indie pattern companies. but maybe i will have my own some day (just dreaming). (;