indulge me…

what keeps you coming back?


  1. Anouk

    Dear Tricia,
    I usually visit your site and Flickr every week, hoping for updates. Your colourful playful style really inspires me and so far, i have not found anyone on the web or irl who has the same eye for quirky combinations, colours and style in general. I really love looking at your beautiful pictures, and the inclusion of lovely poppy doesnt hurt either… shes adorable!
    I do hope to be able to follow you for a long long time! Keep blogging!

  2. Teresa

    Hey Tricia,

    You’re on my Google Reader and I always like seeing your posts. I think you have great style and I enjoy your eye for colour.

    Take care,
    Teresa aka treesaw1973

  3. mai

    i love reading about your views on style and design. (almost as much as i loved speaking to you about these ideas irl.) hope you’ll be online for many years to come. you’re inspiring and creative and i want as many ways to keep up with you as i can (in a non-creepy way).

  4. Brumby

    I came across your site a couple of years back via Wardrobe Remix, and loved that your site covered a broad spectrum of my interests, I loved seeing your outfit shots, your photography is always amazing, the knitting/crochet/sewing projects you were working on, as well as the more in depth articles you wrote in regards to the fashion industry – there are very few bloggers who delve as deeply as what you did. I check back weekly now for Wardrobe Remix, but very much miss visiting you daily like I used to.

  5. Tara

    Dear Tricia,
    Ditto everything Anouk said. I love your style! It inspires me to be a little more daring with my color choices. I await the day when we see more regularly your “what i am wearing” posts.

    Poppy is freaking adorable, btw.

  6. Aimee

    I’m another longtime reader. I love:
    – seeing the wardrobe remixers o’ the week – I don’t have the time (or the bandwidth) to keep up with the flickr group, but I love getting the roundup for weekly inspiration
    – your take on fashion and style and your emphasis on individuality – a good antidote to some of the fashion blogs that suck me in
    – keeping up with trends/movements in the craft community
    – musings like the one on your daughter’s interest in fashion (apparently as a toddler I liked to change outfits about 5 times a day, and I probably still would if pesky stuff like working didn’t get in the way).

    Thanks, and keep up the good work!


  7. rita

    i don’t remember how i started following you, but i guess i found you first on flickr and then found your blog.
    for me you are a trend-maker with a lot of cool ideas and a peculiar taste and, most of all, you keep me smiling everytime i come here.
    oh, and i also have a 3 year old daughter, alice, and since you’ve become a mama you got this even funnier, happier and real!

    [and i was totally happy and overwhelmed when you mentioned my work here :-)]


  8. Alli

    I’ve been a subscriber (via Google Reader) for about two years. Like others, I’m inspired by your style and outlook. I also love the Wardrobe Remixers of the Week feature!

  9. Buttercup Rocks

    Being a total colour junkie, I too enjoy you pictures of colourful things – and I love that your eye for colour doesn’t just manifest itself in the clothes you wear but also the things you collect and the way you decorate and style your home. I share a similar aesthetic, particularly when it comes to accessorizing outfits. (There’s one particular picture of you in a predominantly green and red outfit, wearing three vintage floral brooches in a row in red, green and yellow, and that particularly made me squee). I also like the fact that your blog is more concerned with personal style and less about following mainstream fashion trends.

  10. sarah

    I love your style, and I love your thoughtfulness. Both are vibrant, and both offer me a new perspective. Your style is different from my own – usually different silhouettes from what I wear, and the colour is definitely brighter/bolder. Since you look with a different eye than I do, what you see is always a new paradigm for me, and I like to look and expand my own boundaries.

    The same thing happens when I encounter your thoughtful musings, your carefully curated round-ups of links, and your probing questions. I’m getting a degree in theatre history – it doesn’t leave much time to think outside of the field on a daily basis. So I come here and really enjoy your thoughtful reflections on things that I would otherwise take for granted, or not anticipate. I find that your questions are frequently challenging ones, which I would have no idea how to go about answering – and it’s when I have to sit silently thinking, “gee. I don’t know what I think” that I start thinking in different ways. (Which is to say nothing of the conversations your questions garner in the comments.) It’s a refreshing place to visit, to pause and stretch the ol’ brain in a lot of different ways. I feel like I should say thanks – so, thanks!

  11. hillary

    I like your remixers recaps and your trendmaking/spotting. I’ve also loved the patterns you’ve pointed out recently. Already made the cocoon sweater!

  12. Erika Mulvenna

    I followed your flickr photostream before finding your blog. I love your esthetics and personal style, and appreciate that you share those parts of yourself through your pics and blog. Love checking in every so often to see what you’re up to. And, your little one is about three months older than my girl, it’s been fun to watch her grow and see what’s in store for us in the coming months.

  13. Lady Smaggle

    Colourful photos, your quirky way of writing without capitalisation, weekly wardrobe remix features and when you generation interesting conversation about ethical fashion, ageist fashion etc, and your awesome insightful links to non-daggy craft. I’ve been reading your blog for almost three now and I love it! xxx

  14. Liza

    I was first inspired when your home appeared on Design*Sponge. I fell for the bright crocheted granny square afghan and even made my own version. Your talent and style are remarkable and inspiring. I keep coming back for the vibrant photographs, both of your surroundings, projects, and adorable little girl.

    I have an English degree, but seeing everything you can do makes me wish I would’ve gone to design school, too. I’ve been saying lately that I wish I could make a career out of crafting/sewing, etc., so maybe that’s just the ticket. You rock!

  15. Sara

    I’ve been reading for nearly two years now. The reason? Simply put, I’m one of those ladies that’s not afraid to use and wear bold colours and to mix the unconventional and I find it very refreshing to meet some like-minded people! Your blog is an excellent source of inspiration and a breath of fresh air xo

  16. Teri

    I like looking at all the different people who have the guts to dress the way I would really like to.

  17. emily

    Having just given it some thought, I’ve been looking at your blog since 2006 ish I realised! It’s because of a mixture of interesting ideas that you write about, interesting ‘how to’s’ or links to similar, and mostly outfit pics more inspiring than those in magazines, I used to really like it when you posted alot of your own, but find this is supplied equally well by the WR weekly best-of’s. Keep up the good work! emily

  18. Jen

    All of the above! I’ve been following your blog and flickr regularly for years. I love your sense of style and true love of individuality!

  19. Julie

    I agree with all aforementioned reasons! I came across your site a few years ago and was immediately drawn into the wardrobe_remix, but I also really liked your musings on fashion and why we wear the things we do. Thanks for giving fashion and personal style a deeper meaning!

  20. Rhonda

    YOU do, darlin’! You rock, you have opinions and thoughts with relevance. You are a gorgeous person and so are Pete and Poppy. BRING IT ON! All of it. 🙂

  21. Mary

    I agree with the color thing. I really admire people who have such a defined, personal and unique sense of aesthetics like you do- it’s really rare.

    And of course I love your blog because it’s a fashion blog that is totally different and not obsessed with lapping up every trend/designer in sight. Even if what you’re talking about isn’t my thing, it’s rarely something I’ve seen a million times before. You are just so thoughtful about fashion while still being all about it! I think if more people saw fashion as you do the world would be much better place both politically, and also just to look at. 4 serious!!!

  22. jessica

    your attitude, your beliefs, your writing. honestly, my style is very different from yours, but i appreciate your openness and honesty. you are into fashion for FUN. you don’t judge others who have different styles, you don’t put people down or try to make it about this trend or that brand name.

    you seem like someone i’d be friends with in real life!

  23. dreamecho

    In my mind, the thing that makes you a cut above so many others is your critical, academic approach. You question things in fashion and seek to make connections; those are qualities that I highly value. Similarly, I like that you have principles and seem to KNOW yourself. Also, in spite of all the “crafty”, vintage-oriented blogs that have popped up within the last few years, your aesthetic still rings more true, more genuine than most. Even though you post less frequently now, I nevertheless look forward to what you have to share.

    That being said, this post is a great idea. I was already a infrequent blogger to begin with — and now even more so — so I often wonder if and why people still bother to come around. I think I may have to pose this question to my own readers.

  24. Cameron Adams

    A longtime flickerite, I enjoy your looking at Wardrobe Remix. This celebration of others (as opposed to oneself) is the success of The Chattanoogan. Thanks for the inspiration. Cameron

  25. beth

    i love seeing your inspirations–fashion, crafting, living, etc. i also like to read stories about poppy.

  26. Mimi

    I first came through bits and bobbins from Wardrobe Remix, and I continue to appreciate your writing for its insights and your photographs for their aesthetic. Everything here is so thoughtfully chosen and carefully worded.

  27. Annika

    You! Your style that is so unlike mine, your colorful life, and your wonderful posts (I especially love the Wardrobe Remixers o’ the Week posts, because I rarely have time to go through the group pool).

  28. francesca

    Love the brite colours, thrift scores, african prints, reworked clothes and one of a kind style. vibrant photos really inspired me when i was dressing my pregnant belly. this is HAPPY fashion, love you!

  29. Maria

    Oh, I just came back! Last time I had time to read blogs (pre-full time job), you had just had your baby and WOW!! she is so big now. Time really flies. I kept coming back – and cam back now – for many things. One of which is that the wardrobe remixers have real bodies – not little teenager bodies that are nothing like mine. Plus, I love your love of bright colors – it is quite inspiring! : ) Cheers!

  30. agnes szucs

    I’m really enjoying my first time here… 🙂 Your blog is very engaging. I’, “afraid” I’ll keep coming back. Best, Agnes from Budapest