cristian zuzunaga: color chart tote

(image via the tate modern)

because every single shop on the planet seems to have hopped on the “green” bandwagon, we’ve got more than our fair share of reusable totes here at casa royal. and it seems a shame (and impractical to boot) to spring for another when there are so many useful ones laying about. but i might just make an exception (i like to make (or think about making!) a lot of exceptions, no?? haha!) for this colorblock, pixelated looking color chart tote, by cristian zuzunaga (available at the tate modern). it’s bright and cheery enough to make running daily errands a delight, rather than drudgery, no?


  1. joaninha

    I’m usually not fond of tote bags simply because even though they try to be “trendy” or “cool” they’re always just a tote bag. Granted, absolutely practical but nothing smashing about it. However this one just wow’d me. So much so that I actually just bought it. Who would have thought the color chart on a tote bag would get to me so much? 🙂

  2. jennine

    i have to comment because he’s one of the few ‘famous’ people who went to my undergrad university in my subject. go team!
    ??? what does go team mean?