etsy love: off kilter fair isle by good egg




how kick ass are these offbeat, incredibly intricate fair isle sweaters (and knitwear patterns) by etsy-ian good egg?

get this: they are HAND KNIT (the top and bottom one). wow. just…WOW. the cowl in the center is a pattern you can buy from ms. good egg, so’s you can knit one yourself.

all the trend-slingers say fair isle is back (well, i think it never went away, but whatever). but it makes sense, because a.) it’s winter, and we’re all wearing sweaters, knitting sweaters, blah blah blah. but also, b.) there’s this feeling of very traditional things being resurrected and exalted in fashion (and also interiors, really) these days…classic is back in.

but what i think is cool about these kind of fair isle pieces, what makes them so delicious? that good egg takes it to the next level…works with the colors, the contrasts, the patterning, so something classic is in the end wrought so perfectly new and modern. breathtaking. i haven’t seen anything quite like this around, have you? if you have, do dish!


(related aside: i so so so want to try my hand at fair isle…anyone else into it? good books or tips to suggest? danke!)


  1. linda p

    try kristin nicholas’ new book, “Color by Kristin.” And with your knitting skills, you can totally do fair isle. Now I want to make that cowl…

  2. katie

    I just made my first fair isle style hat this past December. Things to keep in mind:

    It’s easiest to work just two colors at once.
    Make sure to only strand a color for 5 stitches (if you need more, then you should twist it in to keep the tension on the 5th stitch).
    Try to keep Main color above and second color below through the row.
    When switching colors, first spread out the stitches a bit on your right hand needle so that you strand over a stretched distance.

    Those are the key things I kept in mind, given to me through a mix of tutorials and books and other knitters.

    Have fun.

  3. Nadia Lewis

    I just made my first fair isle knitting, Transition Gloves by Shibui Knits. I recommend something small and abstract like that in case of mistakes. πŸ™‚ Also, you may want to learn about yarn dominance before you dive in — I did and it really helps with the consistency of the finished look. And expect to go up a few needle sizes compared to what you would normally knit that weight of yarn with.

    Also, trust the blocking. Mine looked pretty horrible until I blocked them. πŸ™‚

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  5. miin

    dear tricia! i love reading your blog and don’t comment much.. i thought i’d alert you to my friend lily at who makes awesome knit hats and gloves.. she was even featured on Cosette Cornelius-Bates’ blog.. have a squiz and see what you think. i LOVE her hats!

    hope all is wonderful where you are.. my partner and i are flying to new york and doing road trip USA, can’t wait to check out the fashions when we’re there! (we’re looking very daggy with our travel outfits :P).
    xo hugs and love