got 99 problems…

(image via jumpseatmonalisa)

…but a stitch ain’t one. FOR REALS.

i’m not much for tees, but this one by jumpseatmonalisa (printed on secondhand shirts) is so hilariously kick ass…it hurts. anything that combines/subverts craftiness and hip hop at the same time puts it in the running for “best tee shirt ever created” (in my hip hop/needlework loving mind, anyway)…


  1. jessica

    let me attempt to finish the verse…

    “i got ninety-nine problems but a stitch ain’t one, if you got purl problems i feel bad for you son.”


  2. Ashli

    SO funny! I want this, but I don’t think any of my friends would get it, they’re so square! What a shame!


    …just HAD TO BUY THAT. There goes my “never wearing screenprinted T shirts ever” and “never wearing words” resolve. TRUTH OF MY LYFE!