ask me something!

saw a link to on darling dexter, thought it seemed pretty neat!

as far as i can tell, is a site where you can sign up, make a profile, and folks and friends can come along and ask you…whatever. you can then answer their questions if you are so inclined. good for using as an ad hoc FAQ to which you can direct folks when they query you on whatever subject. if so inclined, one can link the Q&A up to their site, their facebook, etc. brilliant, i say.

i’m planning on putting a link to my formspring on my about and faq pages, if you have questions you are curious and care to ask, you might find the answers there. especially if they are questions i field all the time, and think might be beneficial to make public.



here goes nothin’…


ever wanted to ask me something? anything?

if so, here’s your chance.

(be nice, haha!!)