wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week

hey everybody!

just want get this out:

don’t like my picks? think i have bad taste? then go ahead, pick some of your own!!! by all means, go ahead, have fun! post ’em on your own blog! woo! yay! you’re welcome to your opinions and tastes too! exercise them. as you have been doing, of course! carry on!

also: should i even bother doing these roundups anymore? the two halves of my brain are debating…i’m thinking of ending it as a weekly thing, but would love to know what you think.

anyway! have a wonderful weekend.

go forth and prosper,


here is the weekly wardrobe_remix recap! from me, tricia, the creator of wardrobe_remix.


classic dolly

heart city:

wild bird vintage:
remix 2-14-10

windy outside


Henry Browncoat:
V-Day Refashioning

anja louise verdugo:
Signs of Spring


remember: you can click on any photo above, of the featured wardrobe_remix(ers) to learn more about their photos or outfits, explore their flickr photostreams, and more. all of the photos featured here are owned by the people who are depicted in said photos, of course!

join us over at wardrobe_remix and show off your awesome EVERYDAY trendbusting and trend-SETTING personal style!

spread the word!

and see you there!


  1. katie

    Seriously, people complain? WOW. I look forward to your “Wardrobe Remix (ers) o’ the Week” every Thursday; although, If you aren’t into it, don’t do it. I will just enjoy all of the other great content and features of your blog. Keep on truckin’ Thanks!

  2. Lauren

    I think you should keep it up! I used to look at the wardrobe remix page when it started, but there’s too much for me to sort through now. I do however, enjoy looking at a small diverse selection of what’s on there weekly. 🙂

  3. chelsea

    pleeeeease keep doing these. there are so, so many pictures on wr and while i patiently sift through because i love to look at pictures, it’s nice to see your weekly roundup. the best of the best. love. you are always so colorful.

  4. Laurel

    I like these round-ups! Looking at the Flickr pool is overwhelming a lot of the time, and I’m always interested in what you gravitate towards.

  5. tricia

    jessica/katie: yes, generally, i do like making these posts. recently, however, i have had some negative feedback about my choices & so forth, which kind of got me thinking about it all in general, and if it’s generally appreciated/garners any real interest. i always did it with an intention of just advertising the group and trying to showcase photos and people i thought were special. it’s all positive, in my mind, though admittedly it does have my bias. but clearly some people don’t see it that way?

  6. patrick barber

    i love the weekly roundups. i hope you keep doing them. of course it’s your opinion! you’re the person who started wardrobe remix… your opinion matters. if you like doing them i hope you keep it up. cheers . patrick

  7. kylie jo

    Keep doing them as long as you’re enjoying it! It’s sad that you’re getting negative feedback…and completely unnecessary. Style is a personal choice and people are bound to disagree, but there’s no need to get nasty. 🙂 I hope the good outweighs the bad here because I’ve always enjoyed these posts. But either way, I’ll keep reading!

  8. christina

    I can’t believe people are whining about it. It’s your thing!
    Anyhoo – Please keep the roundup! I really do look forward to it every week! I love the Flickr pool and I even contribute to it… I like to see if any of my favorites make your list. It’s fun.

  9. Kaeti

    For the record, I think you have SPLENDID taste, and I have always appreciated your weekly roundups! They’re so inspiring, and I love the attitude you take in celebrating the W_R community’s sartorial diversity and brilliance in self-portraiture.

  10. Kristina

    keep it up – I always check here since I don’t have time to go through all of wardrobe remix!

  11. Jenn

    I like the round up! Especially now that w_r has gotten so huge, it’s a nice way to catch up without the hard work (for me, I’m sure it’s work for you!). As for the negative feedback – wtf?!?!?!

  12. bestie

    Ahh people can be so ridiculous sometimes. I personally enjoy your weekly recaps Tricia! And I am certain many others look forward to these. So I hope the negative comments don’t get in the way, and you just keep doing what you want to do.

    Thanks, btw, for including me this week. Always an honor. (:

  13. sarah

    comment trolls are the strangest creatures; I’ll never understand it. You and I have different taste, and that’s precisely why I enjoy and look forward to your WR of the Week every Thursday. I find it refreshing.

  14. Sarah

    Tricia, please keep going with the roundups! I love your picks and the whole concept of the wardrobe remix. I was so lost with my own style; not so confident, a total bore(!) in fact until I came across your Flickr group and this website. Your concept of sharing style and tips has been SO inspirational. The roundups are my weekly highlight and often show me something I might have missed on Flickr!

    It’s sad but true that you will always get haters when you’re involved with anything creative be it art, fashion or photography for example. The emotion and reaction they create are so subjective. What people need to do is move on if it’s not for them and not critizise. Like you said yourself, they should go and make their own sites and pick the things they like instead of hurling abuse and negative energy your way. There are also plenty other sites which might be more suitable for their taste.

    My style now is MUCH improved by the inspiration you have provided via this website. It might not be as colourful and cool as yours, but it’s mine. I think it is the difference that makes our lives and fashion more interesting. Keep doing what you do, I love your work! 🙂

  15. Sue Kennedy

    I have been posting on w_r fairly consistently for over two years now. It has been fantastic for me & I’ve loved it. During this time, I’ve always looked forward to your weekly roundup & was absolutely thrilled & gobsmacked when I made the grade one time last year.
    There is no doubt that your personal taste informs your choices. But who cares? Don’t tell me that American ‘Vogue’ isn’t a reflection of Anna’s taste & bias.
    I was disappointed when you stopped doing it when your little Poppy was born & thrilled when you began it again.
    My only request is that since the pool has become sooo big, you include more people. That is, if you have the time & could be bothered.
    Oh, & of course, Include Me!
    thank you Tricia. Please don’t stop,
    Sue Middleagedteacher from Australia

  16. girlxoxo

    Oh please continue – but only if you isn’t too much work for you (if it is I volunteer to help). I love the roundup because there’s a lot to sift through on the flickr pool, and this is so inspiring.

  17. Sandra

    I like your roundups. If the style of a pick don’t jive with me, I can at least appreciate the photo itself, as you typically feature images with great compositions.

  18. Gwyneth

    Please don’t stop. I love reading your blog (which I get on a feed through livejournal). It inspires me, and helps me when I go clothes shopping (almost always in a thrift shop now–thank you for that, too!) because I can look at outfits in a different way rather than what you see merchandised in store windows. So please, don’t listen to nasty remarks from other people, and know that the people you’ve helped really appreciate what you’re doing here!

  19. kim

    I have to admit I look forward to your other posts much more than these roundups. Most of the time I only skim through them, as they largely feature the same remixers over and over and tend to be sort of repetitive. But, it’s your blog and if you enjoy doing them, why not continue?

  20. tricia

    kim, thanks for your constructive criticism, i very much appreciate it. i freely admit the choices i make are fairly repetitive…so you got me there. my apologies for that.

    i try to, as much as possible, add in new folks and/or folks i think i haven’t added before. that said, i tend to look for color, for quirk, something different or interesting. i try to put in people of all sizes, colors, and try to include men if there are any around (unfortunately their numbers are small). i also, above that, even, try to put in photos that are clear, well-lit, framed nicely, and show a head-to-toe look. unfortunately that sort of narrows down choices. but i try as hard as i can to be diverse, given my personal tastes and what’s available at a given time.

    if i continue with it, i will of course try harder to make these posts better.

  21. kim

    Thanks for your response, Tricia. I love your sense of color and style, and one thing I especially love about wardrobe_remix in general is the diversity of body types. It is always difficult to edit objectively, especially when there are such considerations as photo quality, etc. Kudos to you for tending the group and keeping the blog fresh and interesting as well!

  22. jill

    i just read your comment above. you could have a guest round-upper every now and then if you think you are being repetitive?

  23. tricia

    jill: that’s a brilliant idea…and something i was actually considering doing. i’m moving very soon, but after i am settled and my mind isn’t all over the place i think i’ll institute something like that at least once a month. like, w_r’s choosing their favorite w_r’s of the week. it could be really great!

  24. jesse.anne.o

    I like looking at the roundup posts even if I only ever like 1-2 of the remixers’ outfits featured. It’s still fun. I think you tend to pick a lot of bright color or sort of over the top outfits I wouldn’t want to wear because it’s just not my thing but my thoughts on outfit-wearability-for-me doesn’t detract from my enjoying the posts. Would I love it if the posts looked like my favorited items, sure. But I’m not the one posting!

  25. tricia

    jessie: you are right, i do favor bright colors! frankly, too much black makes me depressed! on myself, on others. just in general. i like it but it can really overwhelm me emotionally. i know it’s really chic right now (and colors seem to be “out”) but i just can’t stomach too much darkness. and it’s funny, i even thought i was including a lot of black lately, more than usual! haha.

  26. Iris

    I look forward to the Weekly Round-up all week. Brings me so much inspiration! Please continue to post 🙂

  27. S.

    Please keep the round-ups! I love going through the group pool but at times when I don’t have a ton of time to peruse all the great photos, I know I will find some awesome ones on here come Thursday. Your weekly round ups is how I’ve come across several remixers who are now ‘contacts’ and who’s photos I look at regularly. Thanks for taking the time to do this and rock on!


  28. jesse.anne.o

    Tricia – I noticed you had been incorporating more black and neutrals…but for some reason I felt like the colorful ones were more your thang! Maybe because from what I recall of your outfit posts, you love color. 🙂 Anyway, thanks again for posting the stuff you do.

  29. Rachel

    I love the roundups, and after visiting and NOT participating for years, it is so fun to post in w_r and even to have been picked for a roundup. Thank you.

    Please keep it up, if you enjoy doing it! And I love the idea of having a guest do it…the more community, the better 🙂

  30. eyeliah

    I didn’t read the comments first, but I am sure you know since I often comment on your roundups that I am a big fan! Would def be for you keeping them going, it also works as a reminder for me if I get behind looking thru the wr submissions.

  31. laura

    i really like the posts. i don’t look through the group too often because it has become so big (so i mostly stick to looking at the photos from my friends), so i like seeing something new you picked! and the outfits are always nice. (:

  32. jen thunder

    i actually just came across your roundups site and wish i had known of it sooner then trying to sift through the whole pool! what you do and the diverse array of body sizes, orientations, colors you feature is quite commendable for such positive community building, especially in light of how eurocentric and emaciated fashion is, thank you!!!!

  33. Sadie

    I like the round-ups, but I think there should be a bend to it every week, like a theme that inspired you instead of who you thought was the “best”, because I feel like from week to week, there seem to be certain group members that are favored.