who are you?

every so often i like to learn more about who’s reading my blog…so i ask you:

who are you?
tell me about yourself!
what you’re into, what’s your background, anything you’d like to say about yourself.
come out of the woodwork, lurkers! pretty please?
i love hearing from you and about you.
i think you’re pretty amazing!



tell me what kinds of posts you like best here…what you’d like to see more of, going forward. introspective writing? interesting art? interesting fashion pieces/makers? photos? lists of obsessions? book peeks? me showing off stuff i made? cool fashion related or craft links? something else? if so, what?

why? b/c i’m planning some changes to this blog over time, but i’m interested in what you have to say and what you like, and why you come (which i know was addressed in a previous post)…it means a lot to me that you come at all.

& happy weekend!!


  1. hillary

    who are you? I am hillary or Miss Matilda from Remix.
    tell me about yourself! I am in my 30’s I am really into fashion and run what I hope to be a lifestyle, musings blog but people think it is just fashion. I am working on it. I am a paralibraian but that is just my job not my career. (hopefully)
    what you’re into, what’s your background, anything you’d like to say about yourself. I am into all things French, I have been into fashion all my life. I make jewelry and knit and crochet.

    I love your remixers of the week. It introduces me to people I didn’t know or missed in the pool. I love your topical posts and when you give a new perspective on a hot topic. I also like your colorful post and hearing about your family. I want to see more you. I miss you!

  2. Annika

    Hi! I’m Annika. I live in Los Angeles. I grew up in New York and have lived in a few other places including Chicago. I met my sweetheart in college 12 years ago and we have two children, a 3.5 year old boy named Sam and a 7.5 week old girl named Grace.

    I’m a writer. I write screenplays and the occasional short story and I am trying to write a middle-grade novel. I also design knitwear, as well as knitting, crocheting, and sewing for fun. I cook all of our meals and am trying to start a garden. I don’t actually have time to do all of that, so I am kind of crazy. I channel all my crazy into blogging and Twitter.

    I love your more personal posts, which have not been plentiful lately (maybe that’s deliberate?). I’m not so interested in fashion overall so much as personal style, so I like to read about your life and I love your Wardrobe Remix round-up posts (many weeks that’s the only chance I get to look at W_R).

    One of my favorite of your posts was about your apartment (several apartments ago, I think it was in Brooklyn). It gave me so many ideas! I’d like to see more of your home and I’d really, really love to see how you dress Poppy and what her room looks like (especially now that I have a girl to dress).

  3. jesse.anne.o

    me: Hello there – I’m Jesse, I live in Brooklyn, my main interest in life is animal welfare (I work at a nonprofit) and specifically feral cats and Trap-Neuter-Return. The interest that got me to Wardrobe Remix/Bits and Bobbins is in clothing (aversion to editorial mag spreads, focus on reusing and personal style). My blog is basically to navigate being vegan and trying to be eco-conscious about clothing, food and housewares. It’s also a place where I can destress — I like clothes but they’re not heartbreaking the way animal situations often are.

    I would like to see you continue to do Remixers of the Week. I like your general posts about fashion/style/community. I don’t share the same style so the vendor highlights and product posts don’t resonate as much with me but it’s always nice to see pictures. Would love to see stuff you made! And fashion/DIY links, too.

  4. Fer

    well, what can I say? my name is Fernanda, I live in Brazil, I’m 36 years old, and I have been reading your website for god knows how long. I just like the way you write about things, I guess. for instance, I really liked your previous post about “Fashion Weak”, because I’ve always felt like a freak for being into clothes and stuff and not a bit interested in all those fashion weeks. and I really love it when you post the wardrobe remixers! I always tell myself I should check the pictures on Flickr, but I always forget it. I should post some of my outfits there one of these days, it would make my day (my week? possiibly my month!) if you chose one of mine πŸ™‚

    I like putting some thought into style issues, and that is something I think you do pretty well, so please, whatever the changes in the website you’re planning are, don’t EVER stop with those reflections on style in general! πŸ™‚

    oh, I have a blog too, where most of the time I publish my own pictures and every once in a while talk a little bit about style too, but I can’t recommend it to you because it’s in Portuguese (unless you just wanna take a look at my outfits, hehehe)


  5. Kelly

    I’m Kelly, “mizket” on flickr. I started following Wardrobe Remix several years ago when it was in its infancy and only 40 people posted a day. I’m from southern California, lived in New York for several years, then moved to the bay area almost 2 years ago.

    I find your blog really interesting for several reasons: we share a love of bright colors and in fact, following you has encouraged me to incorporate more bold colors and prints into my wardrobe. Also, it’s caused me to think about clothes in a much bigger way–both the issues in fashion and fashion production, but also the way I approach “style” as a concept. I don’t want to seem sycophantic or super fangirly, but I think you and Remix and the whole street style blog phenom have caused a lot of people to rethink creativity and reuse. I like that.

    I love the remixers of the week and the posts about trends, how to wear them, and how your personal style has evolved. Keep that coming. Seeing more things you make would be really good too.

  6. Persephone

    My name is Persephone. Some people call me “P”. I’m a closeted fashionista. I love reading about fashion, but I don’t think I am incredibly stylish or anything. I’m not really into trends or today’s “mainstream” styles. I think alot of today’s “fashion” revolves around sex and trying to mold your body into a shape that it was not intended to be (i.e. breast implants and lipo). That makes me sad.
    I really love perusing Wardrobe Remix. I love seeing people embrace their bodies and dressing to flatter the body that they have and not the body they hope to have.
    I have a daughter who is two months older than your little Poppy. I have a son who will be 5 in May. I am a military spouse. I’m stuck in TX right now, and I hate it. I like to craft. I design and sew plush and dabble in different things like shrink plastic and cross-stitch. I’ll try anything craft-related.
    I’d really like to see more garments that you have constructed or re-constructed. I never go the hang of garment sewing so I like to live vicariously through those that have the talent.

  7. Nieves

    Hi Tricia! I’m Nieves, I live in Madrid (Spain) with my boyfriend, in a sunny and colorful apartment we’ve been renting and continuosly redecorating for 6 years. I’m 38, I’m a freelance web and print designer and I mostly work from home. I love textile crafts: sewing, knitting, felt, patchwork… and I’m always running four or five projects at the time, some of them are never finished 😦 I love sewing and clothes since I was a child, but only a few years ago I started to take these passions more seriously, partly because of creative and awesome bloggers like you. I also love reading, photography, illustration, food, travelling, dancing, decoration…

    I discovered you in livejournal years ago and I instantly loved your blog because I could easily relate with your passions, opinions about fashion and colorful living. I’m also a great fan of Wardrobe Remix, it’s been a big inspiration for me and I like to see your weekly selection here, so please continue with it!

    I also like your selections on interesting artist/designers/fashion makers and pieces of fashion. I’m not so interested in fashion topics and reflexions. Book peeks and craft related links are always welcome, and I’m missing very very mucho seeing stuff you make! And pics of your apartment and your daily life!!

    Thanks, Tricia!

  8. Erin

    I’m Erin (artisterin on Flickr), a nearly 28-year old art teacher in Austin, TX where I live with my husband (of one year come March 16th) and our two cats, Stella and Omar. I was a Wardrobe Remix “lurker” for years before finally joining Flickr in June for the express purpose of joining the group. As an art teacher, I don’t get very much time to do my own art so fashion is my go-to daily art form, as it still allows me to play with proportion, texture, color, balance, etc. I appreciate WR as a type of fashion art gallery where you get to see different people’s style and find new inspiration for your own.

  9. Ally

    Hi! I’m Ally, 22, and studying the highly-unstylish field of politics. I follow fashion and style (and music, theater, and so on) I think because I feel more connected to artistic things I mostly gave up when I did the “smart” thing and got the useful degree at the big-name school. I actually just started following your blog, through a link to your post on fashion week (I agree with you completely, btw! Although from what I followed of fashion week, a lot of the trends there are straight from street fashion, so perhaps things are reversing…).

    I like the remixers of the week posts, as there’s so many people posting at wardrobe_remix that I don’t have time to look at most of them. I’d also like to see posts like the one that brought me to your blog.

  10. Alli

    Hi, Tricia, I’m Alli. I’m a Roman archaeologist and graduate student in my late 20s, and I love fashion, design, photography, and creating of any sort. I write a lifestyle blog where I share various aspects of my creative life.

    I discovered Bits and Bobbins years ago, and it’s been in my reader ever since. I enjoy the remixers of the week posts, as well as your personal style posts. I’d love to see you write more posts about yourself!

  11. pinkpillsanity

    I’m Liz, and I’m an engineer (aerospace… ah, think like rocket science?) and educational video game designer. I just recently graduated from college this past December, so I’m enjoying being in an environment where my style is more appreciated. XD When I’m not explaining science to programmers or trying to find the best way to teach kinematics with Java, I make costumes and I’ve started an accessories shop on etsy, usually using recycled materials. My life goal is to make cool stuff, essentially.

    I like the posts best where you show different designers you find, and despite the fact I came here for the Remixers of the Week posts, they’re less interesting to me as time goes on. Not that you don’t have good taste, but it seems that most of the people you pick live in warmer climates, and well, I have a pretty long winter here and can’t go out in cute little dresses without freezing.

  12. carissa

    i’m officially delurking myself. πŸ™‚ i’m carissa and i grew up near chicago but currently live in denver. i love clothes, style, crafting, diy, thrifting, knitting, etc. when i was young i used to design clothes on paper..including actual outfits for my paperdolls. i used to want to be a fashion designer when i grew up but then i realized as i got older that my personality and lifestyle wouldn’t jive so well with that world. so now i’m a graphic designer.

    i originally found your blog when i was planning a wedding on the cheap and then revisited it when i was looking for maternity fashion inspiriation. i also fell in love with trolling through wardrobe remix via your website. your creativity in how you dress, live, craft, etc. is very inspiring. thanks for your blog! πŸ™‚

  13. Academichic

    Hi Tricia,

    we’re A, E, and S, three PhD students in the Midwest (although S. is in Germany this year) and we’re regular contributers to wardrobe_remix as “Academichic”. S. is a literature student and A. and E. are art historians. We all enjoy your blog for its smarted and well informed posts on all things art, fashion, and culture. We loved your posts on the Exactitudes project and E. recently linked to your post on Fashion Week:


    And S. also loved that you chose Meligrosa for an interview and feature in Bust.

    All in all, it’s really great to come to your site to find a great mix of personal thoughts, fashion ideas and DIY projects, and interesting and eloquent posts on arts and culture. Thanks for a great blog!

    – the Chics

  14. Casey

    Well, I think you know me. πŸ˜‰ (I think I participated in the last “come out of the woodwork” request!!! :D) But I’d like to chime in about what I enjoy/would like to see on the blog…

    Firstly, I really enjoy your thought-provoking fashion posts (like the one on the relevancy of fashion week). Those are always my favorites, even if I don’t always comment on them. πŸ˜‰ I’d also love to see more of what creative things *you* are up to. I remember how you used to post some amazing sewing and knitting projects–I always adored your color sense and design style! I guess that leads me to one thing I really miss: your outfit posts. πŸ™‚ I know it’s probably hard to always fit that in, being a busy mommy, but you have the most fantastic outfits!!!

    Anyway, just my $0.02. πŸ˜‰ Keep up the fantastic blogging, Tricia!

  15. Charlotte

    Hi, I’m Charlotte, I’m 23 and live in the UK. I’ve been following your blog for ages now, but I can’t remember how I originally found it! Through random blog links I think. Anyway, my favourite kinds of posts are when you show things you have made yourself (you have amazng style by the way!) and the ones where you give your thoughts about trends/fashion issues/etc that you’ve read about. And ones with photography! You bring out much needed colour in life πŸ™‚ Have a lovely weekend!

  16. R.

    Hello Trica! My name is Rachel. I’m from Sydney, Australia and I am an infrequent poster on Wardrobe Remix. (I am terrible at remembering to take photos of my outfits before I leave the house! I also find it difficult to find a decent spot for photo-taking. Perhaps you could write a blog post on how to take the perfect Remix photo?)

    I am passionately in love with colour, which is one of the reasons why I like your blog – you are not afraid to wax lyrical about why you’re obsessed with orange or (our shared one atm!) sherberty neon-pastels. I also like your blog because you have a distinctly unique POV on “fashion” – I don’t consider myself a fashionable person in the slightest (clothing is self-expression for me), so sometimes the style blogsphere intimidates me with all their talk of designers and collections.

    I also really enjoy your Remixers Of The Week section and hope you don’t discontinue it entirely – though I’d wish you’d include a few remixers who aren’t in the Northern Hemisphere season. It’s frustrating looking at all those awesome winter outfits when you want inspiration on what to wear in sweltering summer heat! :p


  17. Kristina

    Hi Tricia,
    I’m Kristina and I’ve been reading your blog for years, originally found it from a link on Bust’s website I think.

    I was born and raised in Manhattan, but moved to Key West, Florida when I was a teenager, and ended up spending my post-college years in downtown Orlando, Florida, where I worked at non-profits art organizations (an art school, an orchestra, and finally a theatre festival). In September I moved to Seattle, Washington to be with my sweetheart, live in a larger city again, and challenge myself with change. Now I work for Northwest Folklife, the largest free festival of arts and culture in the world. It apparently is home to lots of hippies and guys playing the fiddles, but also has showcases on cultures from all around the globe.

    I love style to a fault, and am an advid thrifter and collector of things: books, shoes, art. And my friend Anessa used to do your hair!

  18. Rebekah

    I’m Rebekah from Little Rock. I’m a social worker, and I spend most of my time in homeless shelters. I read your blog (just started this month) because I’ve come to a bit of a problem: I like to keep a low profile when I’m working, but I find I’m feeling frumpy instead.

    I like most of your posts. To be honest, I don’t read anyone’s long, introspective prose. The more pictures that come through my Google Reader, the better.

    Thank you!

  19. paisleyapron

    Hey! I’m Sarah and live in the East Bay near S.F. I rarely respond over here because I read all my blogs in Google Reader. Glad you gave a pinch and made me pipe up!

    I’m blogless, but love reading other’s blogs, especially about personal style, sewing, and knitting. I love to create garments, from new fabric, thrifted clothes, knitting from unravelled sweaters, etc. I used to make almost all of my own clothes and wish I could make my own shoes, too. Seriously. However, time is always an issue because I homeschool my three kiddos.

    Your blog has always inspired me and made me look at things in a new way. I like your individuality and standing apart from the fashion-clones. I look forward to your Wardrobe Remix pix the crafty links are always appreciated. I would love to hear how you juggle being a mom and an artist. When do you find time to create and think?

    come out of the woodwork, lurkers! pretty please?
    i love hearing from you and about you.
    i think you’re pretty amazing!


    tell me what kinds of posts you like best here…what you’d like to see more of, going forward. introspective writing? interesting art? interesting fashion pieces/makers? photos? lists of obsessions? book peeks? me showing off stuff i made? cool fashion related or craft links? something else? if so, what?

  20. paisleyapron

    oops, forgot to trim the end of my copy/paste on my response! As you can see, I don’t do this often…

  21. Buttercup Rocks

    Hi Tricia, I’m Fig from London, (aka Buttercup Rocks) and I’m a lecturer, writer and career advisor for a professional arts organisation. I originally trained as a graphic designer but my specialist area is illustration, having worked for many years as an illustrators’ agent. I’m 50 and often wish I could do it all over again as there are several other creative careers I’d have loved the chance to explore. (Like starting the world’s most fabulous plus-size clothing emporium. Alas, I would have to buy and commission because while I can style like a demon, I can’t sew for toffee). Colour rocks my world and I’m an inveterate hoarder of vintage ceramics, contemporary crafts and all things shiny.

    I enjoy most of your posts and look forward to your picks o’ the week. I also like reading about your recent discoveries and anything that inspires you. I don’t remember how I came to w_r, I think it was probably through the fatshionista pool, but the thing I found especially riveting is your styling portfolio set on flickr. You have such a unique and inspiring way of bringing things together.

  22. Raphaelle

    Hi! My name is Raphaelle. I’m from small town Maryland but I’ve lived in Montreal and New Orleans. Next maybe Toronto, we shall see. I’m 23, I just graduated with a Masters in Public Health and now I’m unemployed and figuring out what I want to do to pay off my student loans. I learned quilting from an artist neighbor of mine when I was in middle school and both of my grandmothers are experienced seamstresses. (Small claim to fame, my maternal grandmother was a pattern maker/assistant designer for Pauline Trigere!) I’ve been getting into crocheting recently. I love the DIY movement in general. ❀

    Your blog brings color and happiness to my weekly life. I like the weekly roundup but I also enjoy when you post pictures of things you've thrifted, books that you've found, and fashion ideas/questions. You live on the edge and that's an inspiration to me!

  23. kelly

    My name is Kelly, and I am hooked on fashion blogs! I live in the Seattle area and am 37 years old. I have posted on wardrobe remix as “myaggiedoggie” before, just not recently. I love fashion and vintage clothing, however photography is not my best talent.

    I enjoy your blog and many others and ask that you keep the wardrobe remixers o’ the week feature! Would love to see more about affordable fashion and what you have made.

  24. Margaret

    Hi, I’m margaret. I’m from Scotland, in my early twenties, and at university studying classics.

    I love crafty things – at the moment I knit and crochet, but I’m hoping to expand into other crafts in between reading until my eyes fall out πŸ˜€

    I don’t really like your wardrobe remixer posts for the same reason someone mentioned above…Where I live is pretty cold, so I couldn’t get away with half the outfits you show.

    I like your fashion musing posts the best…I find fashion theory, and the way in which people use fashion to be very interesting, and I like the posts where you show your own style, partly because I love bright colours πŸ™‚ and partly because (hoping this won’t sound creepy) since most fashion today seems to be all about sex and flashing flesh, it is quite refreshing to come here and *not* be bombarded with all that.

    Long may this blog continue!!


  25. Cameron

    Dear Tricia,

    Coco Chanel said it best: In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. Something precious was lost when individuality became confused with snobbery in the minds of some.

    As a photographer of candid moments, I knew of Bill Cunningham’s work for the Times. It was while searching flickr for “street photography” that I came across the 100 Strangers Project, the practice of street fashion blogging and ultimately, Wardrobe Remix.

    When we relocated to Chattanooga, I saw an opportunity to start such a blog and it has been a great adventure. Thanks for the inspiration.


  26. Franca

    Hi, I’m Franca, from Edinburgh, Scotland (although I am a German from Luxembourg originally). I am a 28 year old social researcher working mainly on demography, so nothing obviously creative professionally, but I love anything design related, be it fashion, art or interiors. I am also a knitter. Oh, and I’m oranges and apples on flickr.

    Your blog was the only blog I read for many years and was hugely influential when I first started my own one. I share your love of colours, and looking at your fantastic layout and content makes me happy.

    I enjoy the ‘think piece’ posts about fashion and style most of all, and I loved it when you used to do posts about your sewing and knitting and other crafts. I also enjoy the remixers of the week, although I do agree with what a few people have said that there tends to be a fair bit of repetition in the people featured and it would be nice to see more ‘new faces’. I am not so into the ‘if money were no object’ posts and the spotlights on particular products/designers. It’s not that I don’t like them, I do, but these are pretty standard fare in the style blogging world, so they don’t stand out as much.

  27. chelsea

    I’m Chelsea, a student-writer-single-mom-retail-slave in Ypsilanti, MI. I work at Whole Foods, and am going to school for a bachelors in English and who knows what else. I love your blog because it’s so colorful. I just moved into a house this past fall and the walls are orange and teal…and I always feel safe and cozy here; my house is the house to snuggle up in, the house that is instantly a home. I’ve never posted to WR, but I browse it daily along with following your posts in my google reader. I would love to see more text with the pictures and links you provide sometimes, or maybe a peek into your life and the colors in your home and on your adventures with your little one! I miss the posts where you had your daily outfit, especially when you were preggers! I’m looking forward to all the responses here…new blogs to check out πŸ™‚ I also am working on getting my etsy shop running properly – I am a total thrift store junkie and have been selling on etsy for a few years, though very irregularly. nashifeet.etsy.com.

    keep posting! ❀

  28. Kate

    Hi Tricia! I’m Kate, from CT but currently living in Madrid. I’m an English teacher at the moment, but have been sewing my whole life and hoping to meander into the field of fair trade and sustainable fashion- to which end I recently began my ethical style blog: http://thegenuinearticle.tumblr.com/
    I would be honored if you took a look!

    I’ve been reading your blog since I found it a year or so ago, and I really like the w_r roundups. I think they are an interesting snapshot of style (some of it on-trend, some of it beyond-trend), and they remind me to wander around the flickr group. I also really like your more personal posts!

    Abrazos πŸ™‚

  29. Angel

    hi! I’m Angel!! I live in SF working as a wardrobe stylist. I LOVE wardrobe remix and really do enjoy your round ups!! They help me sooo much when I don’t have time to dig for myself!! I hope you keep posting!!

  30. Susan

    This is Susan, age 40, from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I work a regimented finance-department desk job in fundraising, and in my spare time, I am a crafty gal and sucker of all things fashion. I am the proud daughter of a physicist father and a an uber-stylish mother who has a black belt in shopping and a huge collection of amazing accessories that she is happy will be passed down to me. How long have I read your blog? Seems a long time now! I can’t remember how I found it. But I’m glad I did. πŸ™‚

  31. eireann

    hi tricia,

    i’ve been reading you since you were on livejournal, which is i suppose a part of why i still come. i like your aesthetic, i like that you speak your mind more honestly than many bloggers, and i like that you seems to be pretty true to yourself.

    the content i like best is about your life–your clothing choices, the way you make your house. i also like the links you have, often from sources i don’t read, about issues/current affairs in fashion.

  32. Ava

    Hi, i’m from Romania and i’ve been following you for a loooong time. I have many blogs bookmarked ( more or less 250 :P) but yours i check almost daily, always hoping that you posted something new.

    I like it when you post photos of your colorful life and would also really love to see more wardrobe remixers.

    PS: Your kid is adorable

  33. Brit

    Hi! I’m from Thailand.
    I’m a student and freelance writer.
    It’s the 1st time that I read Ur blog.
    Nice to meet U.

    Sawassdee kaa = Hello in Thai

  34. Lex

    Why not? I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’m a kid’s tv writer and novelist, a mother of one who is pregnant with my second kid, and a keen knitter and thrifter who stumbled across your site a few years ago, and just loved your style.

    I like the posts of your own outfits and design work best, and recently, I’ve been looking over your maternity outfits again as I struggle to dress this insane body.

  35. Sarah

    Hi! I’m Sarah from Somerville, MA. I live and work across the river from Boston, and am a lurker extraordinaire. I digging grays, purples, and deep blues. Though, I just purchased an acidy yellow top in the deep throes of spring fever. I spend free time reading for various psychology courses I take for fun, toying with the idea of making something on my sewing machine, riding my bike, and cooking/baking for the people I love most in this world. My latest craft project was making a fabric flower garland based on a tutorial I think was up at oncewed.com.

    I come every week to see the remixers you’ve highlighted, and spend more time browsing the Flikr pool more deeply maybe two to three times a month. It’s always interesting to hear about what you’ve recently been doing or finding inspiring. I’d probably be interested in any or all content you put up here, but it’s great to see the things you produce and I love to hear about what gets other people excited, whether it be fashion, art, food, trees, or people.

    Thanks so much for wardrobe_remix!

  36. Bethany

    Hi there!

    I’m Bethany, a long-time reader, but rare commenter. I was reading your blog when you were “pintuck” on LJ!

    I’m a student in literature, just about to wrap up my degree work, but my abiding passions (obsessions?) are fantasy literature and knitting. I spend way too much time reading and knitting, but I’m trying to explore fashion — I’m a young, sassy lady and I need to start dressing as such!

    I love: black cats, zombies, cupcakes, orchids, overly large purses, sandwiches, and rewriting the ending to every Stephen King novel ever.

  37. kim

    Hi, I’m Kim. I live in the Midwest and run a little vintage shop on Etsy:


    I have been reading your blog for years and years. I cannot even recall how I first discovered it – maybe through Livejournal? I’ve always enjoyed your outsider stance on fashion. For the casual, normal person, you make that world very accessible and interesting. So much of fashion is transient and vapid, but you always manage to approach it from a much more fascinating standpoint.

  38. Squill

    Hi! I’m Squill, from D.C.. I’m still in high school but in my final year, and I have a thousand things I want to do when I’m older so I never know what to say when someone asks me what career I want. I love colorful things (hence my adoration for your blog/flickr/style), especially fish, birds, flowers, nebulas. I love to paint, design, write, and recently started studying the viola– I’d love to learn to play the accordion one day. I like vegetables quite a bit. And I think that a day without a smile or a laugh is a day wasted.

    I’d love to see more cool art on here! Anything that you find inspiring/think would inspire other people, really. Although you do an excellent job of that already.

    You and your blog are absolutely lovely!

  39. caro lion


    my name is caroline, or just LION. i am a singer-songwriter who is too scared to gig, i work in the public sector as a temp and as of today i am starting a post-graduate course in arts management. i live in perth, western australia. it’s beautiful here.

    there is a lot i dislike about fashion but your blog reminds me of what i like about it. i like clothes that are fun and magical but i also think clothes should compliment your life and not the other way round. a lot of fashion blogs that i otherwise enjoy for their brightness and spirit don’t seem to maintain an ethical or thoughtful approach to clothing and consumption and i find it refreshing to read one that does.

    really i enjoy all your posts; i think there’s a nice balance of content. but i do love seeing things that you’ve made.

    thank you for consistently producing such great stuff!

  40. Scarecrowe

    Hi, I’m Stephanie. British, live in the back of nowhere! I studied art history at university and wrote by dissertation on graffiti. I have a deep love of design, style, culture, art and space, rather than fashion. Married to the man of my dreams and have a little boy who is 18 months old. I started reading this blog about two years ago as i am fascinated by how people perceive style as individuals.
    I love remixers as it shows how different colour and design combinations work on different people. Questioning aspects of ‘fashion’ but pioneering what makes people happy in terms of clothing.

  41. Liza

    Hello, I’m Liza. I’m a 27-year-old writer from central Pennsylvania. I’m more of a blog-stalker than an actual blogger. But, I have commented before, so that makes me less creepy, right?

    I love all things crafty, especially crocheting, sewing, and quilting. I have an English degree, but lately, it seems as though I’m more drawn to the crafting aspect of my life. I’d love to figure out how to make an actual career of that. Anyone have any ideas as to how that works? Maybe tie that in with my writing?

    My favorite posts are the more personal, just because I’m so nosy. I also love the posts that focus more your creations. I’ve been inspired by many of the photos, namely the yellow granny square afghan and the string quilt. I love your style because you’re so bold and colorful!

    I think you’re pretty amazing too!

  42. Joline

    Hello my name is Joline,
    I love in Brighton, MA. I love reading your blog, haunting your flickr and stopping at your etsy ever so often. I have been following you for about 2 years now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wardrobe remix and I get excited to stop by every week to check it out. It is very inspiring! I love your way with color especially orange and that you aren’t afraid to mix things up! I read lots of blogs and hope to create my own some day. I am this year going back to school to finish my degree in photography. I have also enjoyed when you posted images of your home and think your daughter is lovely.

    I like also reading the posts you write on the readymade blog. I am always looking for great artists that make their own clothing, jewelry, etc. and enjoy going to the links that you post. I like the posts you do on trends that you think are coming in/back.

    Keep on blogging! YOU ROCK! πŸ™‚

  43. angela | the painted house

    Hi, Tricia! I’m Angela, an artist in GA. I make paintings, though, not as frequently as I would like since I have three young children. But the girl now shows strong interest in art, actually can’t get enough, so I see more studio time in the future. hooray! I’m starting up a lifestyle blog next month with a focus on the Atlanta area. I’m finding my groove.

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now. Love it–unique and intellectual. You inspire me to be true to myself–which can be hard in smocked suburbia. But I’m getting to quite like being the strange bird around–and the funny thing is I would be tame in urbania. So relative. I would love to see more of your wardrobe pics–how has being mom changed your dress/approach to dressing, if any? Love the links and your thoughts on fashion.

    Thank you!

  44. beeprint

    hello there,

    i am rose. i live in northern, az where i work with families with young children. i am a chronic thrifter and closeted fashionista. i get tons of inspiration from your posts and flickr stream. like many of the others i love the posts with photos of your home(s). lately all the color has been oh so refreshing for my february blahs.

    and you are amazing too!

  45. sarah

    hi tricia! 29 in seattle here, getting a phd in theatre history and criticism – love european modernist novels and i’m studying czech. In the off-season, i paint and love fashion, cooking (and after living in santa barbara, love good wine!), gardening, embroidery and sewing.

    re: what would i like to see, everything sounds good! of course, if you have the time, i love your DIYs – i go back to your dyeing DIY every time i dye, it’s a great resource and a great inspiration!

  46. sulu-design

    Susan, former teacher in the Bronx, current jewelry designer in Portland. I’ll admit, I look at every post of yours, but don’t necessarily read them all. I love pretty pictures. I love color. I love seeing all sorts of people and bodies and shapes and sizes represented here.

  47. linda

    I’m a grandmother, actually a great-grandmother..and I love fabrics, notions, silk, cashmere, brocade, almost any Japanese fabric, old kimonos and obis. I started making my own clothes when I was about 11 and failed the sewing portion of home ec in Jr. High because I didn’t use patterns. I thought that was unfair because I wore the clothes I made. I copied things from Vogue, Bazaar and other fashion magazines. I like Chanel, Givenchey and almost anything that was bias cut. Still love watching old movies from the 30’s and 40’s because the clothes are so inspiring.
    Now I buy at thrift stores and vintage shops and remake things to fit…I wear a size 000 in pants, can fit into girls size 12 to 14…but I don’t wear lycra, or T-shirts with age inappropriate slogans.

    I like to see what other people, creative people, are doing with clothing.

  48. renr

    Hi, I think this is my second comment on your blog ^^;

    who are you?
    I’m Ren, 24 this year, residing in tropical Singapore.
    I graduate in a couple of month’s time provided that I actually finish my animation final project… I’m a procrastinator so I usually require friends to kick my butt like that πŸ˜›

    I’m really into colours and kaleidoscopes, good animation, drawn art, game art, photography, funny stuff. I grew up in a pretty unorthodox family with lots of toilet humour, so sometimes I surprise strangers with the incongruity of how I look and what I say.

    I’d love to see more of your writing and interesting art! Definitely stuff that you made too ❀ I think everything you listed sounds good actually, I mean even the w_r remix photos you post do show your personality from the choices you make πŸ™‚

  49. Miriah

    Hi Tricia! I’m 27, a SAHM of a 3.5 year old boy who is all energy and a 6 month old girl who is all sunshine. I have a MA in Cultural Studies and am still suprised to be living in a teeny-tiny town in the middle of Kansas. I love to sew, I love to read and do it constantly, I used to paint but now I play with play-doh and brightly colored wooden blocks. We go to the beach every summer because being landlocked is hard. I am learning how to play again and how to keep the semblance of order in our 108 year old bungalow–they sometimes go hand-in-hand, but more often I have to choose one or the other. We all love to dance like crazy while listening to old records in the basement.

    I appreciate the balance you present in your writing. The articles are thoughtful, a bit political, and always creative. You inspire me to keep writing and to find beauty in the everyday. My favorite posts are usually about your sewing projects, thrifting, or when you ask those lovely questions.


    my name is Alanna and I make wearables. One time you featured me, I thought that was RAD. Thanks!! I started reading your blog because of wardrobe remix, of which I very occasionally participate in. I kept reading because your content is unique and you also like the color orange. I like the remix round-ups, the book peeks, fashion-related anythings, & pics of stuff you made the bestest. cheeeeers!

  51. kylie jo

    Hey Tricia,

    Been a lurker here for awhile, so I’m a little excited to introduce myself! πŸ™‚

    I’m a twenty-something/fashion&computer geek/marketing&graphic design major/living in Omaha, Nebraska.

    I run a local clothing boutique (and currently thrilled to be working on our upcoming website: http://www.beyourselfonline.com – shameless plug).

    I discovered your blog through wardrobe_remix a couple years ago. I absolutely love your weekly pick posts, but also love the majority of what you choose to post honestly. Your personal bits are lovely (love hearing about the lil’ one) and they blend well with your fashion pics/links/perspectives. In general, I enjoy the variety. (On a side note, I’ve always enjoyed your page layout as well.)

    Thanks for your interest in us readers!!

  52. Jessica

    Hello. I have been reading your blog for over four years. I de-lurked once before to write to you about natural childbirth in American hospitals, when you were expecting P.
    I am 30, mum to two girls (aged 3.5 and just 2) and one wee boy (aged 2.5 weeks – letting me type with one hand as the other supports him to feed!). I am English, lived in Princeton NJ last time I de-lurked and now live in Jerusalem.
    I have been a dedicated thrifter for at least 20 years, I love clothes – but not fashion, as in trends, so much. I lov to sew, knit, and making bead jewellery – though just lately haven’t found too much time for such persuits.
    I find pretty much all of your posts interesting. I especially love the more personal ones – personal on all levels, so that includes the introspective pieces + musings (I love reading your thought-provoking pieces), what you’ve thrifted, DIY (the things you’ve created in knitting are amazing), corners of your home, and I really miss your fabulous outfit posts.
    Thanks very much for all the enjoyment and inspiration I’ve had from your blog – not to mention WR! – over the yars.
    You Rock!

  53. Anouk

    Hi Tricia!
    My name is Anouk, Im a language teacher from the Netherlands. I like reading, meeting friends, dressing up, gardening, cooking and random creative things.
    I really love your site. I especially enjoy your more personal posts where we get a peek of your life (outfits, interior, adorable Poppy). I also love to see what you create and thrift. I am a little less interested in the questions you put up, mostly because I come to your blog for eye candy.
    You absolutely rock and have inspired me so much to add more colour and creativity to my life and wardrobe! Im surely interested in your new blog ideas!

  54. paula

    i have just left a comment in other post but i love that you are interested in your readers.
    im a librarian during the mornings and mother of two girls. i write about design and love everything fasion related. i found your blog via readymade and i think its great. im divorced so im trying to increase my incomes but its really hard here in argentina. i would love to find the way to make my writing professional. i read a lot and also write book reviews in the library blog. i have so much to give and cant find the right place.
    i love reading about thrifting! we dont have many thrift shops here… i really hope we keep in touch!