wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week

to all of you, you lovely amazing people:

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all the insights, advice, kind words, and most of all, constructive criticism about the wardrobe_remix(ers) o’ the week posts last week. it was a big help, and the comments you made and the discussion that ensued inspired me to keep going, and get creative with the posts over time.

on that note, once i get settled in my new home (i’m moving in less than a week!!!), and things settle down a bit for me and my family and i have more time, i plan to make some really cool changes to these posts and perhaps how i handle w_r as a whole in relation to my blog in general. there might be BIG changes… do stay tuned!

coming back to the here and now: this week i tried to pull out some folks i think i haven’t featured yet (apologies if i have!). if you have any suggestions for people you think should be featured/a particularly incredible pic you saw in the pool in the past week, do shoot me an email! perhaps i’ll add your suggestion in!

your friend,


here is the weekly wardrobe_remix recap! from me, tricia, the creator of wardrobe_remix.


a stylized hysteria:

Gold Stars For Tulip:
Wardrobe Remix 25-02-10

Bib dress

stripes and such


Daniel’s Daily Update:
Outfit for Bakersfield... cold day

01-17-10 010b

Could it get anymore colourful?!

out of order design:
pair o'pants


remember: you can click on any photo above, of the featured wardrobe_remix(ers) to learn more about their photos or outfits, explore their flickr photostreams, and more. all of the photos featured here are owned by the people who are depicted in said photos, of course!

join us over at wardrobe_remix and show off your awesome EVERYDAY trendbusting and trend-SETTING personal style!

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  1. Gwyneth

    I am so glad that you’re going to continue doing this. As I said before, your blog is such an inspiration to me, and the fact that it shows everyday people is wonderful. I get so tired of seeing magazines with impossible body-types wearing $1000.00 dresses holding themselves out as The Fashion. You show here that it doesn’t have to be that way.

  2. Julie

    Thanks so much for the feature! It is great to be among such fashionable peeps-and like Gwyneth said everyday people are so inspirational!

  3. jani

    Hi Tricia,
    Just wanted to say good luck in your move to CT.
    We moved 2x in a year & 1/2, after living down the jersey shore for 25 years, & moving is a drag…but it is a clearing out experience.
    Poppy is so adorable, amazing, and has a great twinkle in her eye!
    I’m glad things are going so well for you 3.
    Seems like it was only yesterday I was writing to you in your apt in brooklyn! Now you have a big new place, Enjoy it!

    ps) my son jesse did not settle in sf, he’s in dc and loving it!