thrift town: get used

okay, this is crazy old news, but…

about six gazillion years ago (ok, really, like three years ago, back in ’07), when i was living out in san francisco, i did an interview for a documentary on thrift town, a bay-area thrift store chain.

anyway, i was waxing nostalgic about thrift town today with pete (oh how i miss that place!!! AHHHH!!!), and decided to google around to see if anything ever came of the doc. and voila! i turned up the documentary in toto, on the ever amazing youtube! yay! it’s embedded above.

the documentary is called thrift town: get used. it’s only about 10 minutes long (so, really, a short). i make a small appearance at the beginning of the film, and then at about 6:27 i get a longer bit…where they show me shopping around the store (checkin’ out the clothes, shoes, and patterns, haha!) and i get a few seconds of face time just after that where i dork out and say some nice stuff about thrift town and thrifting in general. 🙂

[btw: the acid wash jumper dress and pink earrings i’m wearing in the documentary are thrift town finds. you can get a better look at the acid wash jumper here if ye are so inclined…]


  1. alison

    this is awesome. thrift town reminds me a lot of the thrift store in my hometown called ‘shop’n’save / the thrift store’ it was huge with lots of weird stuff and we would shop after school and everything was SOO CHEAP. a few years ago the shop ‘n’ save turned into a value village and the prices are higher and it’s not as cool.

  2. Thea

    thrift town is possibly the best thrift store ever I’ve been going there since BEFORE i was born, I love that store and all the employees. I’m kinda a thrift town snob becuase that thrift store is just that good. I miss living in san fran and taking advantage of this store 😦

    Also I got my entire polly pocket collection here dating back to the 1980’s my mom get her vintage half doll collection here, and as well as vintage barbie things that I still have to this day. One thing that made me really happy about this video is that the first three employees you showed I KNOW THEM!! haha mary is such a sweet heart (the african american you showed) I’ve watched her get older and whenever I went there it made me so happy as a little kid to see her. If san fran wasn’t so expensive I would seriously move back just to be closer to this store

  3. anne b.

    this is great, thanks for sharing! watching it makes me want to go thrifting again… he he he. I live in the centre of town in utrecht, the netherlands, and there is a few thrift stores very closeby – but unfortunately they have been jacking up their prices a lot over the last few years. that kinda takes the fun and the point out of thrifting for me. but sometimes you can still find good stuff there, last spring I found a beautiful coat that I’ve been wearing all winter now, heavy, protective wool, woven in warm colours brown and green, beautifully cut with a-symmetrical buttons and an a-symmetrical fur collar. I feel like a moviestar in it. it seems to be from the sixties or seventies, in scandinavia. 20 euros! anyway, I disgress – thrift town looks like an amazing store. this video summed up a lot of things I like about thrifting – knowing your money (and your stuff when you donate it) will go to a good cause, the treasure-hunt aspect of it, recycling, being less wasteful, finding something useful and beautiful in things that other people have discarded, and making the effort to see that usefulness and beauty, not having to spend a lot to get cool stuff, etc.
    one man said that thrifting wasn’t about the allure of getting something new, but for me, it often is. that the thing I am getting has been around before I bought it doesn’t make it any less ‘new’ to me. it is not like getting something from a shiny white boutique (I know the allure of that as well), but for me, a thrift store is a store like any other, it just works a little differently.

  4. Raphaelle

    Great video! I don’t know how I feel about their slogan “Get Used” but the idea is fabulous. I love rescuing things at the thrift/2nd hand store!

  5. laura

    this is so great! i wish there were places like that here in germany – we only have really small thrift stores here. ): the people also look very nice.