moving hiatus

hi all!

my little fam and i are moving from chicago to CT today!

i’m gonna take a little hiatus until things are a bit less crazy-town in my world…not sure how long.

could be a couple days, but could be a couple weeks. lots to unpack and sort. i haven’t seen my stuff in six months (it’s been in storage in NYC since last october)!

as a result, there will be no w_r’s of the week this week. apologies!

thanks for understanding!


  1. Danielle

    Good luck with the move! Where in CT? I currently live on the shoreline and think that every area of CT is amazing and beautiful. If you want/need any suggestions for places to eat or visit, let me know!

  2. Kate


    I hail from West Hartford, CT, and am wondering where you are moving to?

    There is a gem of a fabric store I want to share if it’s near you šŸ™‚

  3. jani

    hey Tricia,
    Just wanted to wish you luck with your move…you prob won’t even read this, but sending you lots of good karma anyway.