a space to be creative

after what seems like ages (really, it’s only been about a year!), i finally have a creative space to call my very own.

studio attic space

our new place in greenwich is three glorious but efficient stories, and the third floor, which sits above the master bedroom, is my sewing/art studio. or, atelier. or workspace. or office. whatever it wants to be called or should be called…it’s all mine. it ain’t perfect, but it’s falling into place nicely. kinks shall be worked out over time, me hopes.

the room has INCREDIBLE natural light, due to two giant skylights. during the day it’s just a complete dream to dawdle around in there. at night, not so much. we’re going to hire an electrician to come and wire the room for an overhead light so i can work at night, after p.’s shuffled off to dreamland. i also hope to get a couch or cushy chair up there for lounging, eventually. there’s a tv on top of the card catalog that’s connected to the downstairs TIVO…when i feel like doing handwork or whatnot i can perhaps retire there. pete could also sit there computing in the evenings and keep me company. here’s hoping that seating comes into our lives sooner rather than later. i’m chomping at the bit to really spend quality time there.

admittedly, i do manage to get up there at least once a day, even if it is accompanied by my little friend. she likes to dig through the lower drawers of the card catalog, seen at left, emptying each, and scattering the contents across the carpet with glee. she also uses the yellow trashcan as a drum with the spirit moves her, and colors on a special pad i put up there for her personal use. she literally begs to go up there, hanging off the lower gate like a monkey; it has fast become a daily routine. while she goes nuts exploring and mess-making, i ponder what i want and need to get making, sort through fabric or patterns, or press needy bits of fabric and/or pieces freshly washed clothing. i even managed to do a tiny bit of sewing in her presence this week, while she quietly played. so nice.

i’m hoping that sometime soon, maybe in the next few years, i can set her up with some crafts or toys in a corner up there and get down to some honest to goodness sewing. maybe it’s a laughable thought, but hey, a mom can dream, right?


  1. Katie

    YAY, welcome back!

    It doesn’t sound like a dream to me… I’ve got toys on the lowest shelf in my studio and the boys know what they can touch and what they can’t. They’re capable of playing in here for a while without too much involvement from me.

    I can’t wait to see what you make!

  2. Jenny

    Your space looks great! Sounds like a dream. I love how you’ve colorized your little drawer tags. I want to copy that!

  3. nickey

    It’s so nice!! Will you tell us about what kind of machines you use? I’m very curious.

  4. madam0wl

    I saw this picture on flickr yesterday and silently drooled. I’ll make it public here. What a nice space. Maybe try gradually increasing the time you spend up there with Poppy. Totally do the “her corner” thing. Can I have a corner too? πŸ™‚

  5. anne b.

    doesn’t sound like it has to remain a dream to me πŸ™‚ this room looks great, by the way – so many possibilities sleeping in all that fabric…

  6. meg

    So happy to hear that CT is treating you well – I am from the next town over – Stamford, and loved growing up there. I lived in NYC for about 5 years before moving on, and even with some opportunities to move back, I decided it probably wouldn’t be the same experience.

    And I am sure your daughter will be happy to settle down and craft alongside her mom! What a beautiful space!

  7. Therese

    Your workspace looks so amazing! Wish I had something similar in my house… Perhaps, one day I will! πŸ™‚

  8. ambika

    Oh congrats on the amazing space. It looks huge and light-filled and versatile from this pic. & to go a year without any creative space at all? I don’t know if I could do it!

  9. SE

    How absolutely glorious. Okay- it is such a fantastic space that, for those of us who have to live vicariously, could you do another post with detail shots? As in, how have you organized your bins? What’s up with the card catalog? (what a great find)What does it hold? You would have my endless gratitude- for those of us who don’t always have a place for creative work, it helps to see someone who takes their creativity seriously. And please keep blogging.

  10. tricia

    SE: i will eventually do such a post, but not for a bit, i’m still moving things around and finding places for everything. once it’s in a state i am happy with, i will happily offer up detail shots and the like.

  11. paula

    wow! im impressed. im craft jealous… i found your blog via readymade. i would like to know how did you do to write about crafts in a magazine. im trying to do that, but i cant get paid for what i like doing: writing about fashion and crafts. any ideas? i write in my blog (three years now) and i have a little space in polyvore http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1418415
    i would love to know how did you make it happen. big hug