my BUST looks column april/may 2010: izzy hayes

my third BUST looks column

my third BUST looks column

yet another one of my patented, perfected “better late than never” announcements:

my latest looks column interview is out, in the april/may 2010 issue of BUST. should be on newstands now. go get it! 🙂

this one’s all about the lovely, creative izzy hayes, who hails from montreal, quebec, canada. check her blog out here! she’s been on wardrobe_remix since almost the beginning (i think?), and was absolutely a dear…we could have talked for hours.

which is the case with pretty much everyone i’ve chatted with so far…such fascinating women, with such imitable style, and a plethora of intelligent, interesting things to say about fashion and so much more. such an honor to do this! i find it incredibly fun.

as always, thanks BUST! and thanks izzy!


  1. Betsey J

    Ah! Thank you so much for sharing more about the girl in the column! I always want to know more about the girls and if they have a blog or something.


  2. kim

    congratulations, woman! my friend signed me up for Bust, so I actually got it hand delivered to my home! How awesome my first issue includes your article. Hope you guys are doing well! xoxo

  3. meligrosa

    congrats T!!!!
    I just grabbed a copy today and looks awesome
    she is a cutie 😀 adding her blog to my feed

    keep the great columns coming 😀