interior obsessions: the squint oswald sofa

(image via the conran shop)

i have been lusting after the squint oswald sofa on the conran (usa) shop for weeks, if not a few months. to be more precise, i’ve been rabidly e-stalking it, checking in on it and drooling over it several times a week. i even went to the new conran shop in abc carpet and home in manhatta to pet it in person about a month ago…and noted that it was even more beautiful in person than it appears on screen.

if i was a.) flush with cash and b.) didn’t have an adorable toddler (who very well might (lovingly though inadvertently!) cover it in a myriad of crayon and marker marks and copious amounts of cheerio dust, amongst other kinds of detritus and effluvia), i’d snag that beauty up in a new-york-(area!) minute.

p.s. more of london-based squint ltd.‘s stuff can be ogled here.


  1. Buttercup Rocks

    The Squint workshop is near where I work. I stood drooling over an armchair in the window for a full ten minutes the first time I discovered it! I love the look of this sofa but, from an ergonomic point of view, have to say it doesn’t look awfully comfortable.

  2. Franca

    Just had a look at their webiste and I ADORE this stuff! I hadn’t heard of the company before, though I remember seeing the sideboard in magazines. I might just have to visit the shop when I’m down in London in August!

  3. Kristina

    It’s 20% off, though still over $5,000. I have a hard time biting the bullet for any new furniture, and I’m afraid a real amazing piece like this will be forever out of my reach.