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i don’t know what to say…i’ve been crazy absent. i’ve sort of lost my blogging mojo. BIG TIME. but also, i just have put other stuff ahead of blogging (see below)…limited free time for me equals less time for bouncing around the webs. which, as i have said before, stinks, because i wish i had time for everything. but this way i have more time for creative pursuits instead. and right now that seems to be the best thing for me.


my kiddo will be TWO (!!!) in about a month and just this past month, she has started talking like never before. and has pretty much given up napping again…or maybe for good? back to <30 minute naps. maybe that's normal for kiddos her age, maybe it's normal for her. they were nice and long for several months (more than an hour?)

overall, though, she’s growing up so fast and it feels like we’re entering a new stage with this new age. she’s transitioning from being a little girl to a big girl and clearly, it’s not a linear journey.


a small update on what i’ve been doing (rather than blogging):

-enjoying the fruits of my gardening labors (see above). so happy to see things grow. and know that i somehow helped them on their way, with my diligent watering, fertilizing, pruning, and the like. how cool is it to grow your own food?? VERY.

-cooking like a maniac, using as much of my garden yield as possible. tonight, for instance, i threw a bunch of the rosemary i’ve got growing on top of a beef tenderloin roast, which i then cubed up and made into a salad, using tomatoes from the garden. added a red pepper and an avocado from the store (plus a few other ingredients), and threw it all on top of some greens, covering it with an avocado dressing. totally not my idea; something i saw in mark bittman’s how to cook anything. it’s a recent cookbook purchase; it is AWESOME. and so was the salad!

-keeping my kiddo from completely destroying the house! she gets into EVERYTHING, her middle name should have been “chaos”! totally normal behavior though, i know. either way i feel like i’m constantly tidying/cleaning! oy! so tired.

-walking around a lot when it’s not crazy hot (aka 103 degrees. what the heck was THAT? thought i was going to melt!). looking forward to somewhat cooler temps.

-sewing like a maniac. some quilt stuff (as previously mentioned), and lots of garments (including, omg, a pair of black linen harem style pants (!!??) and a yellow denim skirt, to name but a few).

-going down to NYC fairly frequently, as a little fam. sometimes just to eat, walk around, and enjoy the weather; other times to see friends or get fanciful novelties or provisions that aren’t available up here in the boonies (aka, connecticut). i love our new apartment (WOO, 3 stories! in a fairly walkable town! lots of nature around!) but i miss NYC, big time. thankfully it’s a quick drive away and i can visit whenever i like…


as always, some questions!:

how’s your summer going? πŸ™‚

ever have a blogging slump? did you ever recover? if so, how?

how do you make time to blog? or do anything else?
(especially if you’re a parent with small children?)


  1. madam0wl

    Good for you for making time for more creative pursuits and day trips!

    My summer has had a few rough spots that I’m trying to turnaround (not to mention HOT days, yuck). I’ve debated blogging about some of it, as my various little holes on the web have been neglected due to a similar slump. My camera is broken too, which is a bummer but kind of a welcome respite, for the moment. I’ve got several things saved as drafts but no time or real motivation to finish/publish. Mostly I’m only able to sit down and write anything when everyone else is sleeping, but lately I’ve been opting to get some sleep for myself, or to read a juicy book. Sometimes I can grab an hour or so for myself during the day, but then I feel guilty because that usually means the kids are in also front of a computer.

    Milo turned 3 in May and I don’t want to jinx anything but he has been pretty good about taking afternoon naps, lasting around an hour or more. So maybe you’ll see nap time again in the future. However this also means he is up until 9 pm and raring to go at like 7:30 am, but the other two on a similar schedule (sans a nap), so fine. For the older two I try to enforce at least one “quiet time” during the day, but it is usually toward the tail end of Milo’s nap and by then if I’m at the computer I’m usually just quickly reading/looking, not writing. I’m looking forward to school starting back up when I’ll be down to just Milo at home, and *hopefully* he’ll still be taking naps.

  2. P

    My summer is a little chaotic here. My husband is switching jobs in the military so, for the last four months, he has been in a total immersion training program. He got to come home everyday but all he did was study. I felt what it was like to be a single parent. He also leaves in August for another three months when we actually will be separated. It is hard. The first time in our marriage we will be away from each other for more than a few days.
    I keep a blog, but I am very lazy with it. I started it as a crafting blog, but I’ve been so busy with everything else I haven’t really felt in a creative mood. But I am trying to get back into it (blogging), slowly. I feel as if I have other things to say that people might be interested in reading.
    My two-year-old still takes a daily nap. I insist upon it. I use that for “me time” and that is usually when I blog. Right now space is very tight in our current, temporary apartment, but when we move in November into larger digs, I hope to have my own little room to sew and I don’t have to limit it to nap times.

  3. pretendingsanity

    When my kids were that little I found blogging helped me regain a little bit of my sanity. But I had to give up sleep to blog… or knit. As they have gotten older, I’ve been able to claim more time for myself.

    I have just emerged from a blogging slump. Sometimes things in life are just too much to think about blogging them to the whole world. I think recovering from the slump was just the result of my heart recovering.

    Also, really… two? She was just born, I’m sure of it.

  4. Brumby

    You will totally rock harem pants – I eyed up the McCalls ones but I have curves and decided I needed a more structured shape for mine so will be attempting these from the Burda Mag instead when it warms up a bit here.
    Which answers Question two – it is dead middle of winter down here in the Southern Hemisphere, I day dream of warm sunny days…

    Blogging slump – totally in the middle of one right now, I just have so much else going on in my head that for now its more enjoyable just to peruse other peoples blogs. No point writing halfheartedly for the sake of filling a page right?

    When I am busy but still feel I have something to say I find it easier to use my mobile phone as a Dictaphone (it has a recording function) and just say what I would like to write. Then at night when I have a few moments spare I throw it into a draft post (or two or three depending on the ideas I have had) ready for when I can slot it into more logical structural ready for publishing.

  5. Jenny

    I haven’t blogged since January. I guess I am officially in a slump! I think about writing something every day but somehow I don’t. Too much other stuff to do, and Naomi is always playing games on the computer! The last few months I have been very busy with the garden as well. Maybe in the fall I will blog again, or maybe tomorrow! I’ll let you know if I figure out a cure for the slump.

  6. Lex

    I have a 2.5 year old and I’m a writer – and here’s my “secret” – the only way to get work done is to have childcare and don’t let the supermoms make you think otherwise!

    My son has a nanny two days a week, otherwise I wouldn’t get any decent work done at all …

  7. alexandria

    I can relate! i have a four year old and I used to have a blog & a website & then an etsy too..but sadly I to shut down for awhile while focused on motherhood. I was getting burnt out. (I agree with the post above about childcare!)…I cant wait until preschool starts back up next month! πŸ™‚ Now that my son is a little older I started back up blogging and its still hard to post as much as I would like. I just started back in the swing of things and now everywhere I turn I’m thinking of things to blog about but by the time I sit down to do so I forget what that was ! LOL

  8. yufei

    I love “how to cook everything” too. I have the iPhone app version. His traditional apple pie is sooooooooooo very good too!

  9. patty

    hi — first time visitor. came across your blog after googling “downsizing your wardrobe.” Great articles about that! Just want to say that I saw a lot of people wearing harem pants while traveling in Switzerland and France this summer. They looked fantastic!