our house (in the middle of the street)

master bedroom

master bedroom

master bedroom

living room

living room

dining room

dining room

dining room

dining room/kitchen


a peek into the royal abode. such as it is. πŸ™‚

been spending the better part of the last 6 months getting settled. i’m constantly obsessing about and fussing over the decor in our pad. nesting, 2 years late! πŸ˜›


how fun is hipstamatic for the iPhone?! πŸ˜› i can see it becoming an obsession… seeing as i carry my phone around with me more than my nikon these days, that very well may happen. har!


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  2. ad

    What a lovely home. I like the bright pops of red, orange, and yellow. That app usually turns photos a distinct Polaroid yellow-green tinge. Yours look like a 70s version of sepia…even better.

    My favorite are the stacks and stacks of color coordinated books. I have tried this but it never works out. Either I am struggling to pull a book out from the bottom of the stack or everything is dusty no matter how much I spruce up.

  3. allysha

    love the pictures!

    I’m curious…

    My boyfriend and I almost purchased that yellow desk with the metal corner details at the Monroe, CT Goodwill a few weeks ago fully intending to restyle it in a similiar fashion, we ultimately passed it up.I know you’ve mentioned that you are in CT now. I wonder, did you end up with it? Or is it a coincidental twin? Either way, it’s fabulous!

  4. tricia

    allysha: the yellow desk was part of a set, it has a dresser that matches, and a mirror. we found the set at a vintage furniture shop in san francisco in 2008. so it’s just a happy coincidence!

  5. renr

    Your home has so much warmth and patterns. I love!!!
    I’m using Pudding Camera for my iPhone, it’s sort of like Hipstamatic, only in Korean. ^^;

  6. lisa

    all i wanna know is how do you teach poppy not to touch everything? if my house was set up like yours, daniel would have a field day! though he is a year younger.

  7. tricia

    lisa: well, for one, the photos were taken with the house cleaned up, for the most part. i’m admitted pretty anal about keeping things clean/somewhat tidy. as for poppy touching things, she does, i try to keep fragile/dangerous things out of her reach, and as for getting her to not touch things, it’s a challenge, in some respects, but you just have to keep repeating and eventually they get the picture. she’s 2 now and understands a lot more than she did at 1, for sure. and it’s also about picking your battles, so to speak. let him get into stuff if it’s somewhat safe, and worry about tidying it up later. that kind of thing. as for the way the house is set up, not sure what isn’t baby friendly about it? πŸ™‚ we have a baby and it’s worked really well to this point! πŸ˜€

  8. lisa

    daniel just loves to climb everything. he’s a monkey! i am finding that repetition is key but i have a very defiant crazy boy over here. i guess i’m in for it! πŸ™‚

  9. risa

    i grew up with a white and yellow version of your yellow desk. i had a whole bedroom set. my sister still uses a couple of the pieces.

    i wish i could have you over to our house in denver to help us set up our place!

  10. joanne

    i’ve been following bits and bobbins and wardrobe remix since waywayway back in the day when it all began- you were one of the firsts…before all this blogging craziness. anyway i just wanted to say, THANK YOU for being an inspiration. i LOVE your style, that you’ve stayed so true to it. and i LOVE your new home pics, its so full of colorful poppy energy ❀