etsy love: quilt block pins by ShadyGroveStudios




(images via ShadyGroveStudios)

i love, love, love these miniature quilt block pins by ShadyGroveStudios…tiny little fabric jewels that (i think) would look mighty fine gathered in a group on the side front of an otherwise plain blazer or sweater.

(btw: i LOVE that fall is fast approaching. you too? i love the nice cool weather!)


  1. sarah

    wow, these are awesome! The colour gradient in the first is so rich, and I love the green-and-oranges in the third.

    alas, I wish we’d had a little summer up here in Seattle before fall rolled around. It’s been a dark, wet year and I hear tell we’re going into a dark, cold winter. (Okay, but if we get SNOW this year, all may be forgiven!)

  2. renr

    Oooh, pretty. *_*
    I love the colours and especially the shapes make these so appealing.

    It’s always summer where I live, but I love nice cool weather too! 😀

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