totally totin’: maptotes



(images via maptote)

while i was checking out at manhattan’s kinokuniya bookstore this past weekend, i stumbled across a little display of bags from (brooklyn’s) maptote. lookin’ at ’em, it’s so clear that they vibe with that whole current design trend that’s all about cities and maps and showing some city love/pride, no?

lately i’ve been aching to be back in NYC! i felt moved to show a little love to my favorite locale, so i snagged a NY maptote for myself! it’s officially my favorite new bag: it’s this perfect middling shade of denim, and the ink is poppy pencil yellow. cavernous enough to carry the essentials and maybe a little more. yay yayness!


  1. sarah

    I bought the Los Angeles one at Book Soup on Sunset when I realized I would need an additional carry-on bag. It was irresistible and quickly became my go-to bag. Just be forewarned: they shrink like crazy. I washed mine on cold and laid flat to dry but it still shrunk quite a bit.

  2. Jane

    i love maps. all maps. from everywhere. they make me feel closer to the people i miss so dearly.

    i too have been longing for NY for a while….move back/stay in Providence…hmmm…..

    tough call.