catching up again…there’s a lot going on personally and with family and we’ve been pretty overwhelmed.


seen here getting ready to go get brunch, and then groceries, etc, back on the 7th.

i just finished this sweater, it’s the “swing pullover/bell sleeve turtleneck sweater” from knit simple‘s fall 2010 issue (ravelry link). i’ve been crazy obsessed with garter stitch for a while. and the color yellow. so i pretty much did this one exactly as shown on the cover/in the mag.

this was a ridiculously fun and easy knit, but their instructions for finishing the neck area (in my opinion) are incomplete in the pattern as written. wrote them. unsurprisingly, got no reply. finished it my own way. whatever.

i’m calling it my “ronald mc big bird sweater”. 😛 that said i love it so. might make it in say, gray someday. it’s crazy cozy and comfortable but does weigh half a squillion pounds.

other deets:

-yellow thermal long sleeve tee: old navy, thrifted
-vintage levi’s 501’s: etsy
-red resin ring: dinosaur designs
-striped bag: from a vendor at the BAM africa festival summer 2010.
-red patent ankle boots: nordstrom’s rack in chicago
-acid yellow hat: crocheted by moi
-red acrylic earrings: UO
-crocheted scrumble pin: made in a freeform crochet class linda p. and i took years ago.
-star pin: thrifted in SF

on miss p.:

-hat: handknit by her great aunt patty (thought i lost it when she was around 6-7 months, found it in an old purse yesterday and almost cried!)
-red plaid windbreaker: polarn o. pyret
-pleated jeans: baby gap
-moto boots: target


  1. Linda permann

    love, love love that you are still wearing that pin. and that you inspired me to take that class with you years ago–no idea where i’d be now if not! 🙂 nice job on the sweater, too. I really like the patterns in Knit Simple for the wearability factor (even if sometimes you have to wing it!).