yup, it’s been a while again. 😛

went to the salvo in the town over from mine saturday, by myself (aka, without le bebe poppy or husband in tow). it was bliss; some much needed shopping time all to myself. they went sledding in my absence…whee! sounded like fun.

-black 80s sweater dress with multicolored yoke: salvation army, port chester
-hand dyed alpaca feather and fan scarf: knit by me
-black leggings: old ones from newport news
-red patent ankle boots: from nordstrom’s rack in chicago (state street), last winter
-yellow plastic calculator watch: jc penney, an xmas gift from my mom
-red resin ring: dinosaur designs
-multicolored plastic donut shaped earrings: thrifted @ thrift town, SF.

trying out wearing some red lipstick, good old revlon “fire and ice”. i pretty much never wear lipstick…can’t remember the last time i really did. i know for certain that the last time i wore red lipstick was high school…and that was…a long time ago. early 1990s. ancient times! anyway, it’s fun. want to maybe find a more orangey-red shade though, to play around with.

-anyone have any favorite (red) shades/brands?

-mind suggesting any good beauty/makeup blogs?

-are there any on the offbeat side? or any for ladies of advanced age (haha!) like me? 😛


  1. iris

    I love outfit photos in your house – your personal style meshes so well with your decor style, too.

    Tell me the art on the walls behind you isn’t poppy’s – she can’t be old enough for turkey feather wall art yet, right?

  2. tricia

    poutfits: thanks for the suggestion! i’ll try and find it if i find myself getting serious about trying this lipstick thing.

    iris: the art is poppy’s…she’s in preschool 2 days a week. the teachers really help them a lot with art like that, letting them do some and then sort of cleaning it up or cutting in such a way that makes for nice looking baby art. she also has paintings that are a lot more freeform…the ones on the mantle are special holiday things i guess! 🙂

  3. R.

    Nice to see you back. Love that jumper!

    I am really liking the blog Advanced Style atm – it’s street style of people in the age bracket of 60+. Not insinuating anything about you by making this suggestion, of course, but your use of the word “advanced” made me think of it. Also, the feautred people are satorially inspired.


  4. Mandy

    So hawt Tricia! Cheeze expressions will out!
    You’ve been this dead feed on my bloglines for so long, but I couldn’t give you up! Loving that vibrant flavour!

  5. laura

    this is funny, because i’ve been thinking a lot about make up lately (after not having been interested for years) – i even bought some new eye shadow in gold and autumn colors (green, orange etc.). red lipstick also sounds tempting – but of course not in combination with all those eye-shadow colors. (;

  6. sulu-design

    I haven’t worn lipstick since the day I got married almost ten years ago. But lots of images floating around the web recently inspired me to buy a tube of bright red lipstick. I got Mac’s Russian Red and love it.

  7. kayte

    the salvation army in port chester is a long time fave of mine! it’s gotten harder to find good stuff as a lot of nyc people actually started shopping there but it’s still great. and huge!
    adam got his wedding suit there for 50 bucks!