happy new year


poppy and miko

i know the new year has already begun, and may be a distant memory already in the minds of some…but it really wasn’t more than, what, a week and a half ago?

we went down to florida for christmas, stayed primarily with my mom and dad, who live outside orlando. also went to jacksonville for a day, to see pete’s mom, dad, sister, and brother. overall, we had a great time, ate our weight in good food, did a lot of relaxing. ended up staying longer than planned because of the blizzard. saw family. saw friends. seeing said family and friends was for me the best gift of all, far surpassing any material acquisition i may have received by a thousand miles.

that said, i did get one really great gift, from pete: a 1.8f dx (auto focus) lens for my nikon d40. i’d been wanting an auto-focus lens for a couple years now, and whatdya know, he remembered. thanks, pete.

one of my resolutions for 2011 is to start taking pictures regularly again. with all the upheaval of the last couple years (moving, etc.) i kind of fell out of the habit of carrying around my camera and shooting. maybe this year i can get back in the swing? we shall see. this new lens is definitely inspiring and a step towards that goal. something to play around with, anyway.

some other loose goals for 2011:

-learn how to bake bread.

-lose weight/exercise more. (maybe this one is at odds with the first one? 😛 )

-take a ceramics class, maybe here.

-try to do a workshop with denyse schmidt over in bridgeport.

-plant another garden; this year i want to do as many tomato plants as possible, more chard, more lettuces, and of course, lots of cukes. if i have the room, squash (yellow, or green) would also be lovely. my garden did so well last year; i was so proud.

i’ve got some other bigger goals/plans i’d like to see come to fruition this year, but i’m the superstitious and private sort, so i’ll keep them under lock and key for now, until things become more clear. here’s hoping. 🙂

(crosses fingers)


  1. Krissy

    Happy New Year! I enjoy your posts so it’s nice to see you back to blogging.

    I’m also resolving to take more photos so I’m challenging myself to take a picture a day for a whole year. I’d seen other people do it on blogs and on flickr last year so I thought I’d give it a try. My camera is not very good (and on its last legs) but I’ve been really pleased with a couple of instances where I was able to capture something due to the simple fact that I’m carrying my camera around with me. And it’s only day 10…so we shall see what other little gems I find over the year!

  2. cheryl

    happy new year! love your resolutions, especially since I can tell you how awesome the two workshops are! denyse’s workshop was life-changing for me and hanging out in her studio is reason enough to take it. morty (the owner of lakeside pottery) has been such an important mentor in my life. his journey in creating lakeside pottery is an inspirational kick in the pants. i took tons of classes there and spent much time in the open studio. you’ll love it! so glad to see you back. be well and best wishes with everything. xo

  3. sarah

    some recommendations on the bread front:

    Beth Hensberger’s The Bread Bible is my favorite bread cookbook ever! Her black Russian rye has espresso, chocolate, shallots in it … so dark and good. And her Swedish rye is the basis of my own recipe (more molassas, more orange, more caraway, etc.) which got major props for authenticity from some Swedish folks I knew in California. I would make her olive bread when I was sick; I swear it somehow helped me get over colds. But the loaf I made most often was her oatmeal bulghur loaf. So simple, so good.

    For a faster loaf, the basic (“master technique”) in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day is genius. You need a bread stone, but it’s worth it. It’s effortless, the center is custardy, the crust is crisp. On the downside, I’ve not been wild about the other variations of this master technique – the wheat was kinda bland, their rye doesn’t even come close to Hensberger’s recipes. Blah. But for basic artisan, slightly-sour bread, oh man – so delicious out of the oven.

    Warning: So delicious, it’s hard not to eat a whole loaf fresh out of the oven (especially as most of these recipes make two loaves – one always gets killed immediately). I usually invite friends over if I am baking bread, just to spread the carbs around a bit 😉