spring sproinging

random flowering tree

red tulips


little darlings, it’s been a long, cold [lonely] winter…
…and so long since i’ve been here!


everyone talks about how beautiful new england is in the fall, with all the changing leaves and the like, but you know what? spring is really the most beautiful time here. a true rebirth. flowers and flowering trees everywhere. ephemeral, delicious colors, making promises about the summer to come…


been sort of busy, and not really busy at all. i’ve have had a lot on my mind, but generally we’ve just been living life. to divulge a little about what’s been occupying me/us:

-for the first three months of this year we were very, very occupied with the notion of buying a home here in connecticut (it was the potential life-changing event i alluded to in a long ago previous post). in january, february, and march, we looked around at many places in fairfield and westchester but nothing felt quite right. not sure what we want to do, overall, i guess…so, for now, we’ve decided to just save (more) money and perhaps try again at a later date. or not. all we know is: we want to own something someday. it’ll happen. here’s hoping!

-my father in law has been on my mind an awful lot this past 6+ months…he’s got a rather aggressive form of lymphoma. he’s an incredible man; his resolve and sense of humor in the face of cancer is an awe inspiring. he pretty much defines the term “fighter”. he means a lot to all of us, and (of course, it’s almost goes without saying,) we desperately want to see him get well.


beyond that, and hanging out with the kiddo (of course) i’ve been sewing, knitting and crocheting, and now that spring is FINALLY here, gardening. i just joined a community garden here in our town, just this week. it’s a totally new experience for me. excited to see what i can make happen over there this year!


what have you been up to?


  1. kathy

    love the happy colors and wardrobe, decor ideas you share (thanks).

    and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery for your father-in-law.

    from someone who gets to blogs every once in a while but doesn’t yet have one of her own (kathy)

  2. sarah

    nice to hear from you again! I passed the first part of my phd exams, now prepping the precis of the diss for the next part. Which actually means I’m procrastinating like crazy and my garden looks awesome. Daydreaming about painting and wallpapering our kitchen for the summer … wishing we had some warmer weather! I am worried that all the flowers I planted for our Midsommar party in June will never come up!

  3. eireann

    sorry for the tough stuff, but very glad you’re back. i LOVE the amazing striped quilt on your bed (a few posts above this) and all the COLOR in your space! beautiful. happy.