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zig zag quilt planning

ikea dress


i started playing around with instagram on my iPhone yesterday…popped off a couple pictures around the house.

on top: thinking about making a zig-zag quilt. made a simple sketch on graph paper on monday, so i could get an idea of how much fabric/how many blocks i’ll need to make one in queen size. i made of a few copies of said drawing so i could plan out colors. i don’t think i’ll be doing the colors shown; i was just having a little fun with a glass of wine and colored pencils while watching tosh.0. 😛

middle: a jumper dress i made over the winter from ikea yardage. it’s the same 70s vintage pattern i used to make this green jumper and this orange jumper

at the bottom: acrylic boxes, from the container store. i like how they look stacked and arranged; they remind me of buildings in a city. poppy LOVES playing with them; taking off the tops, putting stuff inside, stacking them, etc., etc.

as with hipstamatic…i can see this app being pretty addictive. 🙂


  1. tricia

    katie: yeah, i read about bee square’s method. but i don’t mind all the piecing, mostly because i like the look of the final product. maybe i’ll try the alternate method on another quilt someday. 🙂

  2. laura

    such pretty things, tricia!
    i’ve always loved the pattern you used for the green and orange dress, so i also like this new version. the zig-zag quilt looks promising either. i’m keen on all things zig-zag lately!

  3. Liza

    I made a zig-zag quilt for a Christmas gift and have made several other quilts with the half-square triangles. It’s really not that difficult. The end result is worth it. The zig-zag is one of my all time favorites, but I’ve yet to actually keep one for myself. Good luck with yours!