she’s three!



poppy’s THIRD birthday was last friday (august 19th).

we can hardly believe it.

she is the awesomesauce.

favorite activities: reading, painting/drawing, digging in the sandbox, playing with duplos. avid collector of hello kitty stuffed toys. she’s basically a huge hello kitty fan all around. so cute.


it’s been a crazy summer.

bittersweet news:

we’re moving to chicago next month. pete’s office here is closing, and they are moving everyone back to the chicago office.

i’m a little sad to be leaving (the) new york (area), but happy to leave greenwich (not my scene) and i’m kind of looking forward to going back to chicago. it’s a bigger, urban, vibrant city (compared to greenwich!) and i kind of know it already (having lived there 5-6 months in late 2009-2010).

trying to think positive. 🙂


  1. Kristina

    Happy birthday Poppy. I can’t help think that you will love Chicago. It’s one of my favorites. Good luck!

  2. Anna

    Happy Birthday Poppy! Hard to believe she’s already 3. I demand a recount!

    I am supposed to be moving to Chicago in the next month or 2 (if everything works out)as well! Apartment hunting has been TOUGH. I’m told that this is the busiest time of year to move there. Any particular neighborhood you guys are thinking of? Good luck!!

  3. tricia

    anna: oh wow! how cool! and boo on the difficult apartment hunt you’re experiencing. we’re planning on staying in temp digs for the month of october and are looking to move in early november; we thought we’d give ourselves a good month to re-aquaint ourselves with the city and zero in on neighborhoods/apartments where we’d like to live. my husband’s co-coworkers have talked up wicker park, bucktown, and lincoln park (the latter because it’s got great parks and other stuff for kids). i’m open to looking in other areas, though, but generally i think i want to stay in the city limits so i can cut down on driving/use the public transport/be close to everything i want to have access to. what about you?

  4. Anna

    My husband’s office is in River North, so we’re looking around Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Wicker Park, and a little bit in Lakeview. We looked at a place in Rogers Park, but it’s a little farther out than we want to be. We also thought about Old Town, but we’re not really sure if that’s our scene (almost too much nightlife on the weekends, we’re both homebodies!) I have some friends in Logan Square, and they LOVE it.

  5. Julie Mack

    Happy birthday, Poppy!

    Chicago is so exciting! I miss it so much (we moved away in April 2010). I would highly recommend Boystown (Belmont & Broadway area); it’s close to the lake, lots of public transit & a multitude of restaurants and shops. Logan Square is at the top of my list as well (this is where we were just before we moved) and it’s a really really wonderful neighborhood with a farmer’s market, restaurants/shops and public transit. Wicker Park may be a little noisy—a lot of traffic & young party kids but it’s neat neighborhood. I also spent a lot of time in Lincoln Park (I went to school at DePaul) and would recommend the Clark/Fullerton area as well. I am so excited for you— I really think you will love Chicago ❤