sweet home chicago

on the blue line

we’re here!

we arrived earlier this week, after a two and a half day road trip that took us through new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, ohio, indiana and illinois. sounds like a lot but it wasn’t bad at all, roughly a 13 hour drive (not attempted all at once, thank goodness!).

we started looking for a place on monday and found an amazing ultra modern apartment that same day, in the river west area, kind wedged between wicker park and the loop/river north. we move in late next week. it all happened faster than i had expected. i’m sure it will take a while to get settled. i’m used to it now. 🙂 will possibly post some photos when that eventually happens.

my soul already feels lighter, being back in a big(ger) city. the bustle and movement and diversity are energizing for me.

living in suburbs was difficult; and greenwich, ct is a very tough suburb to get into, no matter which way you slice it. i don’t miss it one iota.


  1. Cara

    Welcome (back) to Chicago! I actually moved here three years ago (after six years in Connecticut, in fact, though not in creepy Greenwich). If you’re looking for someone to knit or yarn-shop with, let me know!

  2. tricia

    Cara: that would be lovely! I was just at Loopy this afternoon, and was thinking of checking out their knit night one Friday after we get settled. Do you ever go? What other knit shops do you like in town?

  3. Anna

    Wow, you guys are fast! You made it there before we did. We’re leaving our current apartment this Friday, and will move into our new place in Chicago (Bucktown) on Oct. 3rd. We looked at a place in River West! Wouldn’t it be funny if it was the same one?

  4. kathy

    best wishes on the move – and have fun decorating your new place and exploring such a great city!

    glad you found an apartment and setting that feel good to you (i am a big-city person, too).


  5. Cara

    I’ve never been to Loopy, but it looks like a great little store. Nina is a really nice (if slightly shishi) yarn shop in Wicker Park. And there are actually two new and sweet little shops right in my ‘hood (Andersonville): Sifu Design Studio and Windy Knitty. Anyway, I’d be happy for a little knitty get-together anytime!