putting things back together

plants and broken pictures

my desk in my studio

poppy's room, in progress

above my desk in my studio

we’ve been in our new place here in chicago for two weeks, tomorrow.

my mom came a few days after moving in to help out and take care of p while i set to work putting things in their places. having her here was amazing…i was able to get a lot done. without her here, the same work would have taken me months to complete. because 3 year olds need to be cared for, fed and entertained, you see… 🙂

there’s still a lot of work to be done, but little corners of the house feel settled and for now, that’s enough.


every day i am surer of our decision to move to chicago. i have and always have had a lot on my mind, but my soul feels more at home and at rest here than i have anywhere in the last two to three years. i believe i’m allergic to suburbs. 🙂

i’m really loving how *close* our new place is to everything. how i can not bother using the car most days, and can just hop on a bus or train to get me where i want and need to go. or just use my feet. it just feels easy and right.


  1. PepperReed

    Yay for you! So glad you are settling in to you new home. I am SO not a city girl, but am definitely, totally allergic to suburbs! Besides, Chicago is a pretty awesome place to for you to make your home and tho’ I don’t know you personally, I can see through you blog that it’s a much better fit than where you were before.

  2. melissa

    Welcome back! I definitely agree with you about suburbs and walkability. Living in Minneapolis near the university campus has its occasional downers – drunk students, for example – but I can always walk to the grocery store, the liquor store, a number of good bars and restaurants.
    Happy to hear the move is going smoothly!

  3. kathy

    i know that in life it’s most important who we are with, not where we are at – but the “where” still matters some, too. so glad for you to have found a better spot to be and that you are in it!


  4. Anna

    We are here now, too! I totally feel you on the ‘putting things back together’ stuff. I’m so anxious to get everything into place. Our old apartment was really different from our new one, so it’s been a little tough trying to get everything set up. I love what you’re doing with your place!

    Can I be nosy and ask about your sewing set-up? Do sew with your machine on the wall mounted shelf, or is that just for storage?

  5. tricia


    sweet! once you’re settled we should meet up! 🙂 i know the feeling about being anxious to get everything just so; we’re not all the way there but i so want to be!

    the machine on the shelf is my old/backup machine, a bernina i bought back in the late 1990s/early 2000s. the bernina i use more often is the one on the table. the shelves with all the stuff on them are above the sewing table. kind of hard to tell, but it might make more sense when i am able to get better photos of the rest of the room.

  6. Susan

    Congratulations on your successful move! I have only had the pleasure of visiting Chicago once, for 2 days, back in April 2010 (it’s a one-hour flight from Toronto). It’s a really neat city and I’d love to go back again.

    Looking forward to your upcoming style notes. Plus, if there is anything of note visitors to your city should check out (particularly in the fashion arena), please let us know!

  7. Anna


    I would love to meet up sometime!
    Another question about the wall shelving; are you pretty confident in their sturdiness? I’m really digging this idea. We have a lot more height/wall space here that I would love to put to use.

  8. tricia


    the shelves are pretty sturdy, in my experience. they are elfa shelving, which we bought years ago at the container store, but i know they still have them. so far so good. if you have any questions about their weight bearing capabilities i’d ask at the store though, as i am sure they have exacting specs.

  9. allison

    Congrats on the new home.

    I love that feeling when stuff starts get to put in spots, and shelves populate and the NEW home becomes simply home.