bill cunningham new york


bill cunningham new york:  probably the best (documentary) film i have watched in a good, long time.  i was smiling throughout the whole film, all 1.5 hours of it.  he’s just so amazingly dedicated, funny, self-effacing, driven, and earnest.  endearingly nerdy and obsessive in his drive to document what people are wearing RIGHT NOW.  and he’s so spry and spunky for 80!  i wish I had half his energy, and i’m 37!
love him so very much, he’s definitely one of my personal heroes.  

the link above is just a trailer on YouTube, but if you’ve got Netflix streaming you can see the whole thing in toto…

have you seen it the film?  what did you think of it?


  1. Jennie

    I watched it and he was so cute! I loved all the folks that had lived in the same place forever.

  2. Carrie

    I loved it too. I’ve always been fascinated with people-watching and I love that he does it unabashedly and takes pride in playing by his own rules. He doesn’t work for anyone else’s agenda and takes the pictures that HE wants to take. He is definitely a person to admire for that.

  3. Emily P

    I had exactly the same reaction to this film. This man is so New York, so inspiring in his focus on what he does, and such a great personality. I have to queue this one up again and watch it again!

  4. Julie

    I rarely comment on blogs, but after finally finding post-holiday time to catch up on blog reading and then seeing this, I had to–it’s the second blog post I’ve seen on this movie! I love it, too. Every time I see someone living so fully and fulfilled in that type of passion, I’m inspired.