my week to date


monday morning:  went to the DMV downtown and got my new Illinois drivers license.  happy to have a nice new non scary dl photo.  ????

monday night:  started my fabric silkscreening class at lillstreet.  i took an instagram snap of these samples from one of the quilting classes while i was waiting in the hallway for the instructor to arrive.  love that faux bois fabric!

wednesday:  went to the salvo.  bought a tacky silver and gold 80s purse, a rainbow stripe 80s dolman sleeve cropped sweater, and a pile of sheets.  some sheets will be used in my fabric silkscreening class (a cheap way to acquire yardage!) and others to add to my growing collection to be used for a making a vintage sheet quilt…

wednesday night:  the sky last night was so very gorgeous.  this is the view from our apartment, looking south.

thursday:  we got a big dump of snow today.  it’s been a mild winter to date…i half wondered if it would really ever come at all!


  1. Anna

    Weird question…did you have to have your marriage license in order to get your new driver license? I gathered up all of my documents (or so I thought), trekked on down to the Thompson center, waited in line, aaand promptly had to go back home because I didn’t have my marriage license with me. I thought it was weird, I didn’t see it anywhere on the require docs list!

  2. tricia

    anna: no, that’s really weird! come to think of it, i’ve never been asked to present my marriage license when getting a DL, except when I got married and needed a new one with my married name.