i am a freelance artist, designer, and writer who lives in chicago, illinois, with my husband peter, and 3 year old daughter poppy.

i studied art and history at the university of north florida, in jacksonville, and earned my BA there in 2003.

i am also a graduate of the parsons the new school for design, where i studied fashion design. i graduated from parsons in may 2006.

i am a super avid thrifter, a lover of vintage fashion and homewares, particularly those which hail from the 1960s through to the 1980s.

in my spare time, i paint, draw, sew (clothing, and quilts mostly), knit and crochet until my limbs actually ache. i can’t sit still; i’m always making *something*.

my handiwork and fashion sense is proudly influenced by color theory, 20th century and contemporary art, musty old craft books from the 1970s, scandi and japanese design, and funky grandmothers everywhere. i have an unhealthy obsession with metallic gold, patchwork and the color orange.

feel free to email me anytime with comments or questions.  thanks for stopping by!


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